Latin Dance Class

Nery Garcia and Giana Montoy

Nery Garcia and Giana Montoya are the directors of Florida's Elegant Rumba Dance Company. The two are traveling the world as one of the most sought after instructors, performers, and choreographers who have headlined Latin dance events around the country.

Nery and Giana combine classic and always-exciting LA-style salsa with an unapologetic flair of romance, artistry, and masterful storytelling. The result is a truly unique experience that is every bit as flamboyant as it is intimate.

* Nery and Giana's "I Love Lucy Tribute" Salsa show has travelled and delighted audiences around the globe.



Learn the basics of Latin Dance with Nery Garcia and Giana Montoya the directors of Elegant Rumba Dance Company. Following their “I Love Lucy” Tribute Salsa Show, Nery and Giana will teach you how to Salsa, Merengue, do the Conga, and more!

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