"Kynship" as The Temptations

"Kynship" as The Temptations

R & B singing group Kynship gets its name from all of the members being related as brothers, first cousins, and lifelong friends since childhood. Raised in San Francisco, California the members reside all over the Bay Area from Vallejo to San Jose, where they have traveled for over 20 years each weekend to rehearse together at their recording studio. Producer G-Rock aka George Williams, formerly a band member of the rap group MC Hammer has managed Kynship's souring artistic development through writing, producing, and arranging their present day flawless blend of classic soul harmonies that make them unparalleled among other groups who attempt to perform the legendary melodies of the great "Temptations" songs of the 60's, 70's, and 80's. Following a November 2, 2012, performance at Angelica's Bistro several fans posted online comments about Kynship that said many thought they were actually listening to the original Temptations.



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