Kiss Army

ATTENTION! HEADS UP. FLAMING YOUTH! HITHER COMETH, THY DESTINY!!! YOU WANTED THE BEAST?! YOU FOUND THE BEAST! It's the undisputed international KING of KISS TRIBUTES: "KISS ARMY - The Coolest Band In The World!" *ACCEPT -NO- UN 'ORIGINAL' IMITATIONS!* 18 years in the making and holding steady in the number one spot of the mighty KISS tribute food chain comes the 'BEATLEMANIA' -of- KISS TRIBUTES! You think America's got talent? Well, watch out Terry Fator, we've got all 4 of your American, theatrical 70's rock, Idols nailed right here! ARMED AND DANGEROUS it's MARC SHADOWS - The menacing serpent like blood spitting, fire breathing SUPER-BEAST that IS classic GENE SIMMONS circa 1978! STEVE CLARK - The primal cat on the prowl with 9 lives and 13 drums making him the purr-fected PETER CRISS! GARY STEVENS - The guitar smashing prince of rock superstar/frontman supreme as PAUL STANLEY! ROB EVANS - The 'out of this world, guitar smoking space alien' bringing the classic vibe of ACE FREHLEY back to planet earth! Ahhh... the perfect KISS! Just imagine cloning the timeless personas of the original members of KISS of 1970's Heaven cause that's exactly what you get with THIS ARMY! We're proud to welcome one & ALL to our 100% OFFICIAL, SUPER-SPECIAL "KISS ARMY" MYSPACE HEADQUARTERS! Your exclusive ALL ACCESS PASS into ALL of the mayhem, behind the scenes and tales from the road told directly from the band members themselves! It is *HERE* where we can ALL celebrate together the countless success stories happening one after the next for this incredible KISS tribute phenomenon minute after breathtaking minute. And if you just so happen to be one of our ever-growing newcomer fans to join our mighty alliance then WELCOME ABOARD soldier~ we've been waiting for you! And MAKE -NO- MISTAKE, you got the RIGHT one baby! It is -this- group that's been the one legitimately earning its stars and stripes the hard way through relentless trial and error and raising the bar of expectations in their craft unlike any other Kiss tribute act before. Unmatched. Unrivaled. And Unimpressed with rest, this is the one of a kind KISS ARMY, that can only be dubbed 'The Coolest Band In The World'! Driven by passion, the highest quality standards and specializing in patting their heroes legacy on the back with all the dignity, integrity, determination and an uncompromising focus to always push their talents to farthest extremes, the four pseudo celebrities who now 'makeup' the group "KISS ARMY - The Coolest Band In The World," are not to be taken lightly. Every single performance is much more than just a mere tribute show, rather, a perfected assault on the senses the likes that would surely bring a tear to not only the eyes of their mentors, but most importantly to their never ending ever growing fan base of mega millions the world over too! Steve Clark, drummer for the group, describes their ongoing quest at ultra sheer perfection best: "Hey, they say Rome wasn't built in a day and I'm here to tell you that the ultimate KISS tribute experience wasn't either. This took a LOT of time, persistence, serious effort & dedication. There's something incredibly unique and very special going on here. KISS fans everywhere & the vintage ones in particular should really take notice of us before we're discovered by KISS so they can all jump on the bandwagon early and say "I saw these guys just before they made it"! At this point I wanna believe we're destined to be the next biggest discovery for Gene Simmons a/o the KISS co. since Van Halen. And I mean the real Van Halen. An entertainment group that they could wholeheartedly appreciate as a quality salute to the genuine article, but also one that could win the same level of appreciation and acceptance from the very discriminating tastes of Paul Stanley while at the same time putting a super smile on the faces of Ace & Peter too. We're not in the market to simply pay tribute to four makeup designs. We insist on perfecting the finest spirited salute imaginable to four very legendary iconic rock superstar personalities that we hold very dear to our hearts that we feel deserve complete and utter justice when representing their likeness. To protect and to serve is how we see it or why bother? We're well aware we're just pretenders to the throne around here. There can truly be only one KISS. And our mission is to provide not only an unbelievable character likeness with top notch musicianship and vocals, but to take fans back to the days of when their parents were afraid of Kiss coming to their town all together. The complete feeling of witnessing all four original members as if it were 1977 all over again, in spirit and on fire. That's our recipe. To provide plenty of shock value. And it really shows now more than ever like never before, just ask the fans at our shows these days and they'll be the next to tell you! GROUPIES PUT ON YOUR MAKEUP! DON'T MISS the HOT NEW, ALL NEW, KISS ARMY/'SPIRIT OF 70'S KISS TOUR' COMING YOUR WAY in 2011! COLLECT ALL FOUR. ON TOUR NOW! "KISS ARMY" uses Gibson guitars & Pearl drums because they're supposed to.

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