The Improbables

The Improbables

The Improbables rose from the marshes of the greater Atlantic City area some time ago, and called that no man's land home for longer than they care to admit. A futile confrontation with the region's fundamental and inherent tragedy has since pushed them westward to Philly, where they now take pleasure in sharing their own primitive and genuine sound with those who get it. Equally informed by 60's garage, soul, psychedelia and 70's punk, the band's songs recall and preserve those moments in the life of rock 'n' roll when it was able to be self-aware without being self-conscious, and when a good time was inevitable.

Atlantic Thrills

Oft clad in strange costumes and a sneering attitude, Atlantic Thrills are barroom garage drenched in the trappings of grunge and psychedelia. Heavy beats lay the foundation for an explosion of energy aimed at shaking a party to its core.

Mr. Unloved



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