The Moonbeams, The Dirty Dishes, Hotel Cinema, My Double My Brother

The Moonbeams

The Moonbeams are a Los Angeles based band with members that orchestrate and demonstrate tremendous talent. Beck Black on vocals and keys, Nick Maybury on electric guitar, and Adam Alt on drums. The music is Rock N Roll at its roots, and futuristic in its approach "Cosmic Rock". As a trio, their sound is electric, electrifying, and enthralling. LA Weekly wrote of the Moonbeams and lead singer Beck Black "At times her moody blues evoke the Doors at their strangest, or perhaps a more gothic Nico, wrapped up in a web of eerily spidery harpsichord lines. At other times, the Moonbeams kick out the jams with a punk-rock intensity, pushing Black madly along as she reverses gender roles on an apocalyptic version of the Stooges' "I Wanna Be Your Dog," before switching back to the shadowy, simmering soul of febrile ballads like "On my Way".-Falling James 7/6/12. The Moonbeams made their first radio appearance 6/11/12 on "Indies in Motion" via Global Voice Radio, Performing live the song that brought the band together "On My Way" aka The Canyon song, with a powerful interview and introduced the single "Lovers in the Dark, Living in the Light", a song about a NYC bound train. One week later "Lovers in the Dark, Living in the Light" was featured on London's Hot 102.8 Fm radio. The band formed in November of 2011 and is rocketing to the moon and back with theatrical performances, story telling lyrics, and a stellar wave of sound that makes the Moonbeams shine and rock on uniquely.

The Dirty Dishes

"Dirty Dishes is the latest band to come out of Los Angeles with a mix of punchy, feedback-drenched anthems that would make the ghosts of the 90s proud. That’s not to say that Dirty Dishes isn’t doing anything new, even as the sounds of 120 Minutes becomes the standard sonic palate for a million current bands. With rockers like Yuck and Silversun Pickups at the forefront of the charge, Dirty Dishes is doing a fine job on the movement’s rock-inspired flank; musically, they traffic in spiky rhythmic blasts that recall the deepest In Utero cuts, but the band heads in a totally different direction when vocalist/guitarist Jenny Tuite's soaring melodies are laid on top. Keyboardist Alex Molini’s manic keyboard squaks (which would sound at home in any early-aughts San Diego Spock rock ensemble) and the band becomes even more difficult to pin down. Orbiting LA's DIY breeding ground, Dirty Dishes brings together punk methods and art-school flamboyance." VICE

Hotel Cinema

Los Angeles based duo Hotel Cinema was formed in 2012 by Mark Hadley & Keeley Bumford. The two became friends during their college years in Boston and became more than friends after they both separately moved to LA. They started writing songs with the sole intention of exploring original production without any preconceived notions or expectations, and eventually had enough material to release their self titled debut EP in January of 2013. With beautiful melodies and intricate orchestration of electronic and organic elements, Hotel Cinema has crafted a unique cinematic sound that weaves in and out of reality. Making their KCRW debut only 3 days after the release, the EP has put Hotel Cinema on the radar as an emerging artist to keep an eye on in 2013.

My Double, My Brother

My Double, My Brother is an alternative indie band based in Southern California. The members met through their university's music program during their early years of college and began playing music together through their school's music department and school chapels. After a couple of years, shifts in direction, and member changes, My Double, My Brother began working on their first full-length album, entitled "What We Found Beneath the Ground," and released it in March of 2011. The band continues to tour and write music.

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