Gimmicks don't excite us anymore. Trends swell and crest and wash away. Great bands possess power in the intangible space between competing forces—it's there that Cylinder will take you and leave you for dead--a place where somber tones contrast with an uplifting power. Where raw aggression clashes with technical proficiency and gives rise to a massive sound. A place where lyrics avowing heart come from a voice that is simultaneously willing to tear yours out. In short, Cylinder's music represents what we need: a complex soul and uncaged spirit


FallRise has been behind closed doors for 2 years now from the making. We finally have the full lineup in place and are ready to take over! FallRise features Sammy K on vocals, Anthony on bass, Gor and Sandman on guitars and Isaiah on drums. We bring you a heavy hitting sound that we believe Sacramento has been missing for many years and we are here to revive it. Heavy grooves with a punch in the face that will drop you, but you will be back for more. We will be playing shows all over Sacramento and we would love for you to be there as we take over!

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