Jars Of Clay

"Ar scath a cheile a mhaireas na daoine."An old Irish proverb, as translated: "It is in the shelter of each other that the people live."

It is among our most basic of needs. And like the other simple building blocks of life – air, food, water – it can take on many forms. It can be physical or spiritual, close-in or far-flung, untested or time-honored. For the men that make up the creative force called Jars of Clay, this season has tested their perceptions, challenged their beliefs, underscored their experiences and opened up the possibilities for new definitions of this necessary component. And now it's time to share their vision of The Shelter.

Writing songs about community as an aspect of shelter wouldn't seem like a revolutionary idea. Neither would recruiting talented friends, both long-time and brand new, into your working environment. But for Jars of Clay, long-known as a self-contained creative organism, opening up the doors to let new voices speak into the process wasn't the easiest decision.

So the call went out to the creative community Jars has long been part of, but hadn't felt led to truly tap into previously. Songwriters they respect, like Laura Story, Thad Cockrell and Phillip LaRue, injected new lifeblood into songs that had been percolating for more than a year, and long-established, readily recognizable voices, like those of Mac Powell, Amy Grant, Brandon Heath, Leigh Nash, TobyMac and more, lent timbre and texture to this new set of Jars of Clay songs.

Another of the challenges of trusting this new method of creating was not only asking others into the The Shelter process, but also convincing them to bring their own imprint into the project. What emerges on The Shelter is more of Jars of Clay's signature sonics, informed by the season of their last project The Long Fall Back To Earth but echoing all the way back to its much-heralded self-titled debut, meshed with an heretofore underexplored inclusiveness of lyric that encourages the listener to join in on the song. In short, these songs are designed to be sung aloud, with others, within the parameters of that listener's own shelter. For some, including the members of Jars of Clay, that will entail bringing them into the church environment proper, something that hadn't really been a purposeful part of the band's work before.

It's never easy to change how you do what you do, especially after a decade and a half and a fair amount of success and acclaim. But tapping into new wells of creativity has long been a hallmark of Jars of Clay's career, and letting go the reins and letting in a trusted community of talented people has generated one of the richest projects in the band's long history.

It's a community that Jars of Clay has worked hard to build and engage with, and one that covers, comforts, strengthens, nourishes and emboldens. Like any good shelter should do.

Brooke Waggoner

An extremely talented piano-playing, singer songwriter from Nashville. Brooke says she strives to "connect the 'classical world' with the 'mainstream world' by showing people it all works hand-in-hand." Although they may be presented differently, she says: "The beauty in the structure of a Mozart piece is essentially the same structure used in pop songs


Certain things happen in a persons life that are a result of an intimate relationship with God through Christ. One of those things is the desire to spread the good news of the Kingdom of God. As this relationship grows a second set of desires tends to rise up in your heart. This desire is designed and tailored to you and grows for the very purpose of supporting the desire to pour out the gospel from within you.

Kye Kye is our second set of desires.

We Love what we do and are blessed to be able to pour out what God has done through Christ, why he did it, what that means, why its different than anything else that's offered in this world .. through the art of Music.

Think Big--Move Big--Spread The Difference


We are friends and we are siblings. Our love for music was passed on from our parents. Our Love for Christ was given to us from our Heavenly Father. We fuse the two and we get Kye Kye.

We experienced a personal encounter with Jesus Christ in 2009;; our meeting went down something like Acts 2:2. It was nothing short of profound. We KNOW we have found the meaning of life, and we KNOW it is Eternal Life. John 3:16 tells us that this is the reason He came. Then in John 17;3 Christ expounds on what this truly means. "" And this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.""

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