Amy LaVere featuring Will Sexton

Amy LaVere featuring Will Sexton

Amy LaVere featuring Will Sexton!!!

A fellow artist once said of her, “How can you not like a gal that drinks bourbon neat, walks around with a pocket atlas and drives a big white gear van?

That’s a glimpse of Amy LaVere.

Always moving, always writing and always true to her quirky, spirited and sometimes melancholy point of view.

Living in Memphis since 1999, Amy released her debut album, “This World Is Not My Home” (Archer Records, 2005) to critical acclaim as music writers seemed mesmerized by her voice, lyrics, and the whole idea of a beautiful woman slapping an upright bass taller that she was. In the words of the legendary producer Jim Dickinson, who produced her break out record, “Anchors & Anvils” (Archer Records, 2007), “She has the whole package-the songs, the voice, the looks, and she can triple-slap the upright bass like Willie Dixon on steroids.”

The success of “Anchors & Anvils” drew the attention of the UK market and soon Amy was invited to perform on the BBC’s “Later with Jool’s Holland” TV show which introduced her to an international audience. She also met her next producer at the show, Craig Silvey (Arcade Fire, Jamie Cullum). Since then the stages have gotten bigger- Bonnaroo Music Festival, Austin City Limit’s Music Festival, and the Rolling Stone Weekender Festival in Germany.

Amy and Craig Silvey teamed up to produce “Stranger Me” (Archer Records, 2011) which was praised in the US by the likes of Spin Magazine, Paste Magazine, AP and NPR and earned four stars from The London Daily Mirror, The London Sunday Times and Q Magazine. iTunes featured “You Can’t Keep Me”, the album single, which resulted in over 100,000 downloads in the first week.

Success begets success and soon Amy was invited to join a variety of side projects. The first was an all-star collaboration named “The Wandering” which included Amy, Luther Dickinson (North Mississippi Allstars), Shannon McNally, Sharde Thomas and Valerie June. They released “Go On Now, You Can’t Stay Here” (Songs Of The South, 2012) to critical acclaim and sold out shows.

In the afterglow of “The Wandering” project, Amy and Shannon McNally found success touring together and released an EP entitled “Chasing the Ghost, The Rehearsal Sessions” (Archer Records, 2012) which featured songs from both artists and was recorded live in the studio.

But before Amy started on her next solo album, there was one more itch to scratch- A duet project with noted rocker John Paul Keith entitled “Motel Mirrors” (Archer Records, 2013). The seven song EP, which No Depression called, “Infectious”, and James Stafford labeled it “Catnip for fans of good songs and sweet harmonies” was released as a 10 inch 45 rpm vinyl EP.

Concurrently Amy has also created an impressive list of film credits. Her film career started with Wanda Jackson’s role in “Walk the Line” (2005), appearing as Jesse in Black Snake Moan (2006), playing herself in MTV’s $5 Cover (2009), and most recently appearing with Grace Zabriski as Loretta in Only Child (2014).

Through the end of 2013, Amy’s tour schedule is a mixture Amy LaVere and Motel Mirrors performances. She’s also spending time in Austin, Texas-getting her band ready for the release of her fourth and most ambitious solo album, “The Runaway’s Diary” which is slated for release in 2014. Produced by Luther Dickinson, “The Runaway’s Diary” sets to song stories of her childhood which ultimately led to her running away from home at fifteen.

Sean W Spellman (Quiet Life)

"Portland doesn't have a Laurel Canyon scene, but if it did, you could bet that Quiet Life would be the official house band."

Daphne Lee Martin

Daphne started playing music in a family band when she was a kid.
She went sailing on tall ships teaching Pete Seeger's Clearwater program in her early 20s.
She owns an indie vinyl record shop and record label called the Telegraph in New London, CT.

“Daphne Lee Martin is the voice of futuristic folk-rock/alternative-roots music... exploring the outer reaches of nostalgic melody... ” ~ Jim Apice, No Depression

“Martin’s style is Highly unique, giving new tinges and interpretations to every song....” ~ Bill Bodkin, Pop-Break

“Crooner Daphne Lee Martin is, in every sense of the word, true to her craft.” ~ Pen’s Eye View

"Lemme tell you it's a badly behaved set of tracks. It's a liquored up weekend whose hangover lasts well into the work week." -Anthony Fantano, The Needle Drop

"With her strong writing style and sultry vocal delivery, Martin has you in the palm of her hand from track one." - Troy Michael, Innocent Words

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