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Dillinger Four

Dillinger Four is an influential American punk band based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Formed in 1994, the band has released studio albums through Hopeless Records and Fat Wreck Chords. The band also compiled material for release on No Idea Records.

Current members are Lane "Monkey Hustle" Pederson (drums), Billy Morrisette (guitar, vocals), Erik Funk (guitar, vocals), Patrick "Paddy" Costello (bass, vocals.) Funk co-owns the Triple Rock Social Club, a popular bar and music venue in Minneapolis. Erik allegedly had a shrine to Gene Simmons in his room when he was growing up.

The Riverboat Gamblers

Formed in Denton, Texas in 1997, The Riverboat Gamblers, instantly made a name for themselves with their rowdy, energetic live shows.

Building a local following, based on a self released single and lots of sweat, the band began to take the show from the dives and house parties of their home State to the rest of their Country. In 2001 Austin punk legend Tim Kerr (Big Boys, Poison 13) produced their (s/t) debut album released on the Washington D.C. based label Vile Beat Records. The band's unique performances caught the attention of S.F. based label, Gearhead Records, a deal was inked & earlier this year their second album--also produced by Tim Kerr--"Something To Crow About" was released.

With the momentum from all the positive press received from "Something to Crow About" in magazines such as Spin and Alternative Press, the Riverboat Gamblers again hit the road awing crowds from New York to San Francisco. The band continued to earn pages of press for both shows played and shows cancelled due to injuries. The intensity of the Gamblers live shows have caused broken teeth, lacerated body parts, and thousands of dollars in medical bills....
but all unintentional and all in the name of fun. It's all part of the X factor that has given the Gamblers a fanatical and even somewhat celebrity following and has made them America's media darlings.The band continue to press on writing new material and preparing for the upcoming European and Japanese tours. The video for the hit single "What's What" is nearly completed and the song is to be featured on Jackass star Bam Margera's part in the November 411 video magazine.

The Gamblers have played with a wide range of

artists, from the Dictators to Chris Isaak to the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.
They have headlined Austin's SXSW three years in a row, and kicked everyone in the face at Gearfest (U.S.A.).

The Denton, Texas tradition of proving fertile turf for music is solidified with The Riverboat Gamblers. Rock, punk, pop, garage, whatever you want to call it, is all swirled into an intense ball or thermonuclear energy ready to explode. Whenever the Gamblers take the stage, make sure you have a blast shield.

The odds seem in favour of betting on The Riverboat Gamblers!

Todd Congelliere gave birth to F.Y.P (Five Year Plan) in 1989, out of Torrance, California. After slangin' 4-track demo cassettes of himself playing a shitty guitar and a Toys "R" Us drum machine, he then wanted to put out a vinyl record, and that's what he did — releasing the Extra Credit 7-Inch EP (Recess #1) in 1990, on his on the fly, make-believe (at first) label, Recess Records. Since F.Y.P's inception, Todd has led the way with his own, snotty, sophomoric brand of sloppy spazz-punk. He wasn't shy about unleashing it on the masses, neither — especially his skateboarding peers (he was a professional vert-skater at the time). Todd started out just singing in the band, and eventually learned how to wing it on guitar and do both. After various lineup changes throughout F.Y.P's 10-year existence, ever-changing musical styles and directions, and relocating to the neighboring South Bay town of San Pedro (towards the end) — quite possibly, Todd's five year plan went a little longer than anticipated. I guess Todd succeeded in getting all his adolescent anguish off his chest, shortly before pulling the plug on F.Y.P, while at the same time, transitioning his new band conception: TOYS THAT KILL — also the title of the final F.Y.P (Toys That Kill) record (Recess #67), released in 2000, on Todd's now "established," Recess Records label. Todd decided to up the ante with a clean slate and a zealous new lineup. Along for the ride, was longtime F.Y.P bandmate, Sean Cole — switching to guitar (plus helping with the singing) for this new endeavor, along with additional key members coming aboard, like: Chachi Ferrara (on bass) and Denis Fleps (on drums). Denis played on the first Toys That Kill record, The Citizen Abortion, released in 2001, and left the band shortly after their first couple of tours. Their sophomore record, Control the Sun, brought forth powerhouse drummer, Jimmy Felix, which solidified the current lineup from here on out. Toys That Kill have five LPs (The Citizen Abortion - 2001, Control the Sun - 2003, Shanked - 2006, Fambly 42 - 2012, Sentimental Ward - 2016) under their belt, a handful of 7-inches and numerous compilation appearances, etc., etc. Since the beginning, Toys That Kill have pushed the envelope at their own pace and on their own terms. Almost all of Toys That Kill's records have been released on Recess Records and they fairly recently started doing their own recordings (last two records) at Todd's homemade studio, Clown Sound. They have toured Europe a few times, Japan twice and continue to take their party to the rest of the country on a regular basis. After 15 active years, Toys That Kill continue to do their thing, while inspiring others in their town and abroad, making them without a doubt, the "anchor" of the San Pedro punk community (like the Minutemen were before them). SIDE NOTE: Todd, Jimmy, Chachi and Sean (along with Jack Doyle, Trevor Roundsville and John Predny) also play in the band, the Underground Railroad to Candyland. With each new Toys That Kill release, their output keeps getting better and stronger, giving their fans something to look forward to with each release, which is rare in this day and age. Well guess what, folks? The new Toys That Kill record, Sentimental Ward is finally here! With much anticipation and mucho touring to follow. Sentimental Ward is also Recess Records' 200th release, to boot! A fitting release for this rare milestone, for any label in existence, I have to say. Not too shabby for this humble veteran Pedro outfit. Get all Sentimental why don't you ...

pity the fool
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The Treasure Fleet

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Conventional wisdom is that drugs make people less reliable. The response to someone saying “I just took a ton of acid” is never, “Man, you’re gonna be the next President of the United States.” (And mean it.) So, explain to me how Isaac Thotz is able to traipse through psychedelia, early Kinks, the Zombies, The Animals, The Monks, and a bunch of sunshiney, Anglophile-weird-and-fluctuant stuff and come out the end sounding smarter, expansive-as-shit, and on top of his game? I’ve seen and heard far more than my fair share of all-flash, no-cash, electrocuted-Tribble-haircutted, ass-sticking-out “revival” bands attempting this and failing miserably. The Makers, for instance. So, here you have a humble, soft-spoken, ultra-nice guy who happens to be in another one of the best current bands on the planet, The Arrivals, and he nails psych pop perfection like it’s the most natural, effortless thing in the world. All the time posers spent cramming their feet into skinny shoes, getting their man-nails done and their pubes tweezed, and sniffing lines arrowed towards major label support, Isaac listened to and played his way onto records that are solid ‘60s gold. They’ve already gone platinum. At least at Razorcake; at least in my mind. I love this stuff. A true piper at the gates of Blue Island. –Todd Taylor (Recess)



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