Milwaukee hardcore/metal/punk crossover. The world is fucked and this is the soundtrack to it's demise.

"Shift of Redemption" 7" (Due out April 9 on Think Fast! Records)
"All Hail the Void" CD/LP (Southern Lord / Halo of Flies / Creator-Destructor / Phobiact)
Tour 2012 2x7" (Southern Lord)
Enabler / Yautja split 7" (Burnt Bridges)
Drainland / Enabler split 7" (Halo of Flies / Granrepubliek)
Enabler / Ambassador Gun split Tape (Sacred Plague)
"Year One" CD (Creator-Destructor)
"War Begins With You" 7"/Tape (Volatile / Sacred Plague)
"Eden Sank to Grief" LP/Tape (FC / Halo of Flies)

Morality Crisis

Hard-riffing shitrock from the heartland. Will not stop until the master plan - the political and cultural unification of Minnesconsin - is fully realized.

The goal of practical alchemy is to transform base metals like lead, iron and brass into noble metals like gold and silver. SVOBODA is a band with the same goals, to begin with metal and transform it into something greater than the sum of it's parts.

SVOBODA began with the idea of using sounds to physically transform the listener, to ground them to the earth beneath their feet, and evolved into a four piece band that combines different approaches to metal with philosophical alchemy and shamanistic elements to overwhelming effect.
In the long dark and biting cold of Minnesota winter the members of SVOBODA began their transformative process, to make fire from ice and light from darkness. Soon songs and sets were ready. After several months of live rituals/actions SVOBODA teamed up with fellow Minneapolis heavyweights Bellow to release a split demo tape/cd in mid-2012 and SVOBODA is currently preparing a full length recording for release in 2013.


Hardcore Crayons

Hardcore Crayons has a large array of influential artists, including the likes of Primus, Dub Trio, Bad Brains, Fugazi, King Tubby, Soul Coughing, Don Caballero... Elements of these artists seep their way into the songs created by this Minneapolis power trio. What is eventually created is truly a unique, energetic, and inspiring experience. Hardcore Crayons can and will change from eerie dub grooves, with delayed snare, looped, psychedelic guitar riffs, thumping bass, to harsh, bob-your-head-cause-you-just-can’t-help-it metal.



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