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Guillermo Scott Herren is nothing if not proven. It’s hard to think of a name that carries as much weight in both hip-hop and avant-rock circles as Prefuse 73, who in the past year alone has been asked to remix TV On The Radio, Pelican, BLK JKS, Cornelius, and producing the L.A. duo: “Voices Voices” e.p. on Manimal Records. Not to mention his collaborations with School of Seven Bells and Battles. These interactions have clearly helped to shape the evolving Herren’s sonic aesthetic, which has expanded to include Diamond Watch Wrists twisted visions of prog-rock & “machine funk” and Savath y Savalas global psychedelia.

Last year, Prefuse 73’s Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian, Herren rejected the idea of straight digital recording and instead went the much more intensive route of recording to analog Ampex tape, giving the album the sound of a lost tape of exploratory studio musicians from the not-too-distant past. In addition to the recording process, ...Ampexian also differs in its composition, existing as a tapestry of tracks of varying lengths and moods, albeit with a remarkable linear flow and, of course, unmatched rhythmic bump. The album features appearances by fellow Savath Y Savalas member Lange (also co-produced), School of Seven Bells vocalist Claudia Deheza, Zach Hill, Dimitri Grimm and Gaslamp KIller. He continued with an e.p. entitled: The Forest of Oversensitivity” and a Japanese Only release entitled: “Meditations upon Meditations”.

This past year has taken him on a whirlwind of of shows and tours in a number of configurations around the world and back. South America, Japan, random lofts in the middle of nowhere and so on. Now, into this new year of 2010, he has already completed a U.S. tour with: The Gaslamp Killer and Voices Voices. With plans to continue with more shows, tours and a full fledged composition and performance written for the: “Aukso Orchestra of Poland” in August.


Theoretics has performed at large festivals throughout the Northwest, including Bumbershoot and the Photosynthesis electronic music festival, as well as packed shows at venues like the Showbox Market and the Crocodile. The band has been pushing to evolve its sound and incorporate new instruments and technologies into their music, as featured in their recent EP Plenty of Anything and continues to explore and evolve as they generate material for their upcoming second full-length album.

Branden Clarke, otherwise known as IG88, would maybe like to fool you into believing that he and his buttons are buried somewhere in between a spray of ambient elation and the sands of a remote desert planet – but there’s something else here. Something tangible and soulful, something raw and quick. Something like the full breath of a thunderhead, the shards of sparks following a blunt and sonic hit to the nail on the head.

Out of the roving and admittedly robotic mind of a human – flesh and blood – IG88 sounds nice and totally means to. Much like Clarke’s process, the work of IG88 wrestles with the past and the hilariously sudden future, and tells us a bit more about how to listen to it.

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