4th of July Party hosted by BAMBI of Basketball Wives


“You don’t even know who KTONA is…”
This phrase is often heard on a KTONE mix tape. Well since you don’t know, let me introduce you.

While other kids were trying to master red light, green light, 1-2-3, KTONE could be found mixing his Sesame Street records on an old turntable. Definitely not Star Search but it was his start of an art form that would make him into the man and the DJ he is today. By 7th grade he found himself rapping in a group that won first place in a school talent show, proving that everything that KTONE puts his mind to can be a true success. He then started borrowing his mother’s tapes and albums combining them with his CD collection making personal mix tapes. His taste in music agreed with his friends’ and they began to steal his mix tapes. This eventually led him to steal his own tapes back!

KTONE is a man who believes in keeping family first and why wouldn’t he when his inspiration is drawn from them? His mother encouraged his love for music and most importantly supported his goals. Currently, his wife and 2 sons serve as his main inspiration. Everything he does right now is for not only for his own benefit, but for his children’s benefit as well. They even draw inspiration from him when they visit the studio and experiment with music, dance, and play on turntables displaying the spark that started it all for him.


Ray Reed



Hosted by Bambi or VH1's Baslketball Wives - LA with music by DJs KTONE, Top Shelf, and Squizzy Taylor with a special performance from Ray Reed, plus BBQ on the rooftop.

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