The legend of Mike Stud dates back to his days growing up as one of Rhode Island's greatest baseball players of all time. As a highly touted high school senior, he was named Rhode Island's 2006 Gatorade Player of the Year, received Louisville Slugger Player of the Year honors, and won a full athletic scholarship to Duke University. Stud was selected as an All-American and now holds the lowest ERA in Duke baseball history after only his freshman season. After the promising start to Stud's collegiate baseball career, however, Tommy John surgery put him on the sidelines. Suddenly, making music became an outlet for him to pass the time. After only a few public releases of self-composed songs, he began to get notable recognition for his rhyming ability and was encouraged to continue.
After graduating Duke, Stud transferred to Georgetown to continue his studies as a graduate student and to continue his attempt at regaining full strength on the mound. Needless to say, he also continued working on music in his down time. Fast forward 14 months, and Stud is now one of the hottest upcoming musicians on the web. His rookie mixtape A Toast to Tommy, released last October, debuted at No. 3 and No. 2 on the worldwide and US iTunes Hip-Hop Albums charts. He has since headlined a sold-out 20-city national tour and has acquired nearly 10 million YouTube views. His versatility and fun, upbeat style has transformed Stud into a truly viral artist. With each new release, he is constantly showing the world that he's about to take it over.

A lot of people have complained about the condition of Hip-Hop right now. With the emergence of less lyrics and a more dumbed down approach to reach the masses, there is no reason to argue.

Luckily, In Aug 1988, KURT was born in long island New York . KURT has a demeanor much would call COCKY, or Hard to love, but once you love him, you understand why. His upbringing in the suburbs of Long Island has taught him to live with class. However, the discipline of his Haitian parents taught him to fight for his own. These are the things he brings in his music, a classy ruggedness.

In 2011 KURT received radio spins on New York's number 1 and number 2 stations for Hip-Hop and R&B and continues to build his brand.

KURT's approach to the game is to bring classy together with the ignorance in the shameful joy of hip hop, and with that he has formed his groups the BougieBoys and BougieGirls who live by the same guidelines.

Follow KURT on the red carpet as he takes his journey to the world premiere of his career.


MTK is a music producer and performer. Born and raised in Richmond, Va his music runs from dance music to glitch hop to dirty trap… sometimes pretty and soft, sometimes hard and dirty, but always emotional.

MTK started producing his own flavor of music in 2009 with the mission to change the monotony of electronic music by crossing genres, mashing expectations, and taking his own influences of organic roots to paint new emotions.

MTK's live performance is a seamless audio visual voyage through his music collection of original works, remixes and bootlegs taking audiences on the roller coaster ride of emotion, expression, and dance. Rounded bass, massive beats, beautiful melodies and space age twists in cutting edge sound design all come together for a wild ride – unique to every performance.

There are no "disks" and he is no "jockey." Working without cds or records using Ableton Live in conjunction with Traktor on his laptop, MTK's ability to mix more than two channels, sample sounds, and create new soundscapes on the fly allows for an entirely new audio experience. The live set is a show… a high energy dance party.

"I just want everyone to get lost in the music.. The feeling and emotion of my show unites people – young and old. The ultimate payoff for me is looking out at the audience completely united in euphoric energy.. lost in the moment as if all life's trouble have slipped away. When my music touches people in this way, it is the best feeling in the world. " - MTK

MTK plays MTK music although he will mix in some hot tracks from other dope producers…. "I love hearing the latest sick tracks on massive sound systems." He overlays music with one shot's, acappella vocal samples, beat loops and brings it all together with his custom templates of filter, delay, and reverb effects manipulated live with pad and slider controllers along with ipad controllers, keyboards, and more.

"My live setup is an ever evolving beast that rarely stays the same for longer than a week or two" - MTK

MTK is always writing new music, on the plane, in the car, in the hotel, wherever. In his studio in Richmond, he usually writes a track in a day but spends weeks fine tuning it for final production and mastering.

"I would say that 95 percent of my music remains unreleased because in my eyes it's still just not quite ready yet… PS- it drives my manager crazy" - MTK

MTK wants his audience to never know what to expect in each show, and loves to play his unreleased material live. MTK's live sets are always spontaneous and never choreographed. They are always different, depending on the crowd, venue, sound system and energy in the room.

"Even if I start the night on the same note as the night before I like to take the audience down new rabbit holes of emotion and energy.. so even if I play the same room two nights in a row the audience will be taken on a profoundly different voyage." - MTK

Inspired by the mega multi media masterminds, such as Deadmau5 and Daft Punk, MTK has created a mind blowing visual experience of lights, lasers and visuals that leaves audience stunned by its level of extreme detail and beauty.

"The experience of my show should always be complemented with lush visuals. I have been also become a passionate visual designer over the years learning to program and create my own looks on stage. I've made custom controllers so I can manipulate audio and visuals simultaneously on stage." - MTK

MTK has worked tirelessly to achieve a unique, organic, visual experience for the audience, by creating his own custom control system that ensures that his audio visual elements are always behaving in a new combination of ways that never have to repeat themselves, either manually controlled or ran perfectly linked to his music.

With a huge respect for sound quality, MTK makes sure that every show he plays is representing MTK music as it should be, always prepared to roll in with his trailer full of massive subwoofers and speakers that will give any spot the perfect touch of Bass and Clarity."I believe that an audience must not only hear my music but also feel my music. Sound quality is a must in a live environment to accurately convey the emotions my music warrants." - MTK

"It all about experimenting – That is why I spend many nights listening to things completely unrelated to any of my music.. Finding new ways to fuse new and old, light and dark, underground and mainstream... This helps me find new musical emotions I have never felt before. Sitting alone in my studio with a pair of monitors, a midi keyboard, a macbook pro, and a double IPA - I can take a microscopic musical idea to full song arrangement in hours. This power makes it easy to explore almost limitless sound spectrums, sub-basses, poly-melodic structures with incredible speed and ease… Pushing the limits of sound conventions that would make most ponytailed studio audiophiles roll over in their graves. My mission is to change people' prospective on electronic music and create an unforgettable emotional experience." – MTK


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