Biohazard is a band originally based in Brooklyn, New York. They are acknowledged as one of the earliest bands to fuse hardcore punk and heavy metal with elements of hip hop.

The much-anticipated new original member album "Reborn In Defiance" will be released worldwide January 20th 2012.

Shattered Realm

Shattered Realm was formed at the turn of the 21st century resurrect a hardcore scene that had no pulse. From the ashes arose 5 individuals that set out to create the hardest music ever heard from the state of New Jersey.

The tales about Shattered Realm are those of fable and horror. You may have heard some of the stories, you may still have some bruises or scars, but NO ONE knows the entire truth except those that have been in the band.

It was decade ago that Shattered Realm began their assault on the world of music. Through numerous lineup changes, tours and more vans than one can count.

Shattered Realm has returned n 2011 with vocalist Chris Rafalowich( vocals on All Will Suffer & Broken Ties, Spoken Lies albums) to 'Bring The Violence Back....again'.


NYC Heavy thrash!


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