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Xylofaux's dynamic sound is deeply rooted in the heart of the midwest where this indie rock trio began nearly ten years ago. Kyle Tigges (guitar/vocals), Blake Carr (bass/vocals), and Andy Ross (drums) united as teenagers to create their unique brand of heartfelt rock music. After two records and countless shows, the band parted ways to follow different musical paths. Kyle moved to New York City in 2008 where he released a single solo effort titled "Xylofaux." Soon after, the three childhood friends reunited in Brooklyn and re-formed as the band Xylofaux which then included the soundscapes of Jon Neal.

"Xylofaux's brand of groovy indie rock features a steady pulse, moving melodies and brilliant (at times moving) lyrics." - Texs Bluesman

As a four piece, Xylofaux made it's presence known in the heart of New York's vast music scene. The band recorded and released a self-titled EP in 2009 and a full-length album ("Likelife") in 2010. In 2011, Jon split from the band and is currently collaborating on an instrumental effort with Chris Wigger of the band Glissade.

Xylofaux, the trio, continues to write and perform in New York and will be announcing recording and touring plans later this year. Keep your ears tuned in to this band and they will be sure to pull at your heart strings and push buttons in your head.

(e)motion picture

(e)motion picture is a new project featuring Soda (formerly of His Mighty Robot) and Terry (aka TT) (formerly of Autodrone) which promises to be a rollercoaster ride of raw, alternative energy. Both artists have had independent success on their own and are very excited to combine skills on this new endeavor. …you won't want to miss their live show.

The Fire Electric

Formally signed to Warner/Maverick records and lead singer of Under The Elephant, Josh McMillan has emerged from his Brooklyn NY based studio with his newest musical brainchild, The Fire Electric.
The experimental electro pop project was independently written, produced and recorded by McMillan after a year of exploring a new direction geared towards electronic drums and layered synths featuring Mcmillans' notorious vocals. The full album from The Fire Electric, titled Perfect Sky, is explosive and dance driven with alternative melodies, rhythms and beats that are reminiscent of bands such as Animal Collective, Radiohead and the Chemical Brothers.

Val Lloyd

Val Lloyd has spent the majority of his life entranced with the vast universe that is music. Wholly self taught, Val quickly learned the immense potential for limitless creation with something as simple as an instrument in his hands and his voice to accompany it. His style is entirely his own, and musical genres are treated as landscapes to travel to and from at will, rather than boundaries to stay within. He is a multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, bass, voice, mandolin, banjo, etc... and plays everything but drums on all of his songs. He is in his mid 20s and resides in New York.



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