DOC MARTIN (the time traveler) in the loft

DOC MARTIN (Sublevel, LA)

Doc Martin’s live sets truly bring people together.

The variation in his style of music is endless. What makes him so different from the rest? A unique ability to spin everything from deep house vocals that have much depth and meaning to us all in some way, to his funky tribal Bass lines mixed with threads of acid, his passive collection of classics rare records that are only to be heard at his gigs.

Doc Martin has developed the respect as a house DJ that so many of us admire.

It is this respect that keeps him constantly touring;
from New York to London, Japan, and everywhere in between.


Off Sale

Public Works Presents: CLOCKWORKS with DOC MARTIN (Sublevel, LA) Doc Martin plays a FIVE HOUR JOURNEY of music he grew up on into his current bumpin favorites. Starting with Motown, 60's Jams, 70s, Funk, 80's, rave classics, early electro, 90s Jamz, breaks and into current house, techno and favorites. This is the launch party for the CLOCKWORKS theme party we plan to run with some of our favorite headliners. We want them to TELL THEIR STORY and play the music they grey up on and have always felt strongly about. It also gives them a chance to DIG and go through some of their older music since so often people get stuck in "whats hot" at the moment. Gonna keep it intimate and nice in the Loft.

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