Majical Cloudz is music and performance. Rooted in solo material written by Devon Welsh between rural Ontario and Montreal, he joined with Matthew Otto to collaboratively produce and perform the music. Their performance is deeply expressive — strong vocals sit on top of washes of white noise, filtered synths and sparse thuds. The songs are intensely lyrical, oriented around themes of death, patience, family, and desire. The live show celebrates the joy in sadness and the value of a shared musical experience.

"Point blank, it’s one of the best albums I’ve heard this year." --Stereogum

Toronto native Daniel Benjamin and collaborator/co-conspirator Maddy Wilde have been making music together for most of their lives. as Moon King, the two singers weave dreamlike harmonies over buzz-saw guitars and electronic percussion, their live performances capturing a raw-nerve intensity that verges on ecstatic. Many of their songs appeal to our darker subconscious desires, reveling in the embrace of fear and ego as a means of escape. Moon King released two EP’s, Obsession I and II on Fucked Up guitarist Mike Haliechuk’s label One Big Silence, re-released in Europe by Tough Love Records in the fall of 2013. Their debut LP Secret Life is due 14 April via Last Gang.

"Canadian twosome Moon King are sharing "Apocalypse", the second taster of debut record Secret Life. The cut's a frothy bath-bomb kind of guitar pop. It begins sweetly, floating in the same kind of sonic worlds as tourmates Alvvays, before gradually gearing up and disintegrating into a million billion pieces of sound; towards the end, Moon King bolt on psych-rock walls of hypnotic noise that will melt your brain like ice cream in a microwave. " --Best Fit

"Some Ember is the new solo project of Man/Miracle’s Dylan Travis. “Era of Wind” is only the second song he’s released, it is icy and desolate. It’s a little bit Lovecraft (From fingertip to dilated eye/ it closes grip on vibrated flesh, Travis sings) and a little bit Fever Ray, propelled by haunted, droning bass. I keep thinking about this lonely guy in a lake, like a 19th century convict rowing through fog, making his great escape from an island prison and sinking halfway to shore. What happens to that guy? What if he had a Moog to play on the way down? " --The Fader

"Like some kind of abridged soundtrack to Bergman’s Persona pared down to its abstract purity, this ten minute mood piece charts a psychic journey through dissolution and restructure, opening with a searing purge of the sonic palate, only to find itself wading through the aftermath’s fog of disarray. Taking cues from the likes of Mazzy Star, Happy New Year and Grouper, the San Francisco duo immerse themselves in a narcotic mixture of sensuality and obliqueness, mostly leaving meaning and catharsis to hover just out of reach while an ominous air of gloom takes hold." --Sonic Masala


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