Digg & Mlima w/ Robby Schecter and The Motion Detectors

Digg happens when the music hits just right. When you can’t help but to nod your head, gyrate your body, and you smile from ear to ear. Digg started groovin’ in Denver, Colorado in 2012 by playing a variety of styles in the vein of rock, funk, blues, and jazz that moved their souls. As shows were rocked and faces were melted, the band fused their own style of rock and funk. Digg emphasizes a melodic guitar with a ripping sax that colors beautiful harmonies over deep bass grooves sprinkled with improve solos and layers of thought-provoking lyrics. The band connects with a vast audience by soothing the eardrums and souls of people who know how to have a good time. This has allowed Digg to grow a large, dedicated family that has witnessed the band directly support acts such as George Porter Jr. of The Meters, The Main Squeeze, Orgone, Soul Rebels, The Revivalists, The Delta Saints, and Mike Dillon among others. Digg is always pushing forward as they gear-up to release their first full-length album, There Are Days, everywhere on November 20, 2015.

Emerging from Denver, CO, MLIMA (pronounced-Mmm-Lee-Ma) is a premier jazz fusion ensemble that has established itself on the forefront of the Rocky Mountain’s ever-emerging music scene. Quite literally, “MLIMA” is the Swahili word for “mountain,” which is fitting for a band who self-describes their music as “Mountain Groove.” On September 29th, MLIMA will release their first proper studio effort — a self-titled 7-track record — over a year in the making.

The group is comprised of vocalist Jessica Jones, saxophonist and vocalist Zach Simms, guitarist Jeph Kennedy, bassist Ryan Thrush, percussionist Jack Breitenbach and drummer Lance Croucher. Since their 2012 inception, MLIMA have built a local fan-base through a relentless live schedule. Already, MLIMA has performed headlining dates at the legendary Bluebird Theatre in Denver, as well as the Fiske Planetarium in Boulder, CO. In their time together, the band has graced the main stage at Arise Music Festival, opened for renowned acts such as Shpongle and The Disco Biscuits at Colorado's Red Rocks Amphitheater, and supported acts like Praang (featuring members of String Cheese Incident), Nigel Hall of Lettuce and many more.

This coming September, MLIMA will release their self-titled debut comprised of 7 original tracks that were written, recorded and produced by the band. The self-titled release features the core group of the MLIMA bringing in Ben Rafferty on keyboard. According to Live For Live Music, MLIMA creates, “ a unique style and sound that incorporates roots in funk, rock, jazz, soul, Afro-beat, jam, and popular culture, and compels even the most stubborn of wallflowers to head to the dance floor and bust a move.”

Robby Schecter And The Motion Detectors

What happens when you take a bunch of Denver jazz school kids, add a gospel prodigy drummer, and put them under the leadership of an eccentric shredder of a front man?Robby Schechter and the Motion Detectors, Denver’s fastest growing local and all organic music scene and social experiment!Formed in September 2012 for an African Relief Benefit Concert, RSMD continues to push forward to the forefront of the Denver Music scene, while simultaneously giving its fans nights unlike any other! Booked through April at their beloved home base, Denver’s legendary Herman’s Hideaway, this young yet hungry band of musicians continues to grow and improve with every show. In their first 2 months as a band, Robby Schechter and the Motion Detectors have already played 5 shows in Denver (Herman’s, Cervantes Other Side, and Illegal Pete’s), recorded a debut studio album and released 2 HD videos.The Motion Detectors continue to push ahead at a furious pace based on front man Robby Schechter’s philosophy of “it’s always now.” Please visit our website rsmotiondetectors.com or soundcloud.com/rsmotiondetectors for free downloadable music and hd videos, as well as more news, gear, and tour dates! Please like us on Facebook and encourage your friends to do the same. We believe in what we do and have no qualms about asking you for your support so please don’t be afraid to give it! WE APPRECIATE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!

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