Reverend Red

Reverend Red

From the dirty parts of LA County comes a band who is playing music that has been said to be unlike anything else on the scene, but modestly admit that they are just a small part of the new-roots movement. They are an "up and coming band with something to offer" and their fan growth and strong gig resume is proof of just that.

The people who make up the band Reverend Red are wild beast of veteran performers and they will demand your attention and participation. They bring theatrics to the stage and are not afraid to put themselves out there for the audience. Their shows have been described by the press as captivating, mesmerizing, and best of all enjoyable.

The band blends styles from each members significantly different background. The overall vision however was to bring "Gothic Americana" styled music (i.e. Murder by Death, Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Those Poor Bastards, Goddamn Gallows, Legendary Shack Shakers, and 16 horsepower) to Southern California and put their own "LA" inspired spin on the whole concept. Due to their blend of music the band has been able to share a bill with Rock, Alt. Country, Punk, Indie, Dark-Folk, Garage, and other various styles of bands.

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