Playa Rae & Trey C

Playa Rae & Trey C

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Role Pley & El Tio Hugo aka 2MX2, are two of the most innovating performers in Denver, Co. Known for constantly raising the bar in their live performances with creative crowd participation shows and choregraphy, the latin/hip hop duo have developed a huge fallowing in only a few years and have just begun their journey.
Brought up in a predominantly spanish speaking home Rol Pley, the younger of the two, was once a so called "illegal immigrant" from Zacatecas, MX . Due to a family emergency Rol Pley was forced to sneak into America under some blankets in his "Tio Pepe's Van". The hope for a better life and health landed Rol Pley and his family in Denver, Co 23 years ago. Rol Pley is now a full time Recording Arts Junior at CU Denver and on his off days he helps run as a host for Spanglish Radio and program director for the station.
E. T. (El Tio) Hugo, Rol Pley's cousin, is the groups hip hop pioneer. Born with a congenital (present at birth) defect called Craniosynostosis, he underwent many surgeries starting at a very young age. At age 24 he was diagnosed with chronic Leukimia. Three years later, with the help of natural herbs, dieting and kimo pills, El Tio Hugo is cancer free and constantly evolving the versatility in his talents. El Tio Hugo now a days is slangin' phones for T Mobile direct, co hosting for Spanglish radio and helping with operations all around within the radio station and label.
Their music is both English and Spanish integrating various genres with hip hop. From your melodic mainstream influences to your lyrical underground
style, 20:12 has no hesitation when mixing in a hint of techno, dubstep, or
even northern regional mexican music and reggeton. The bilingual group was
quickly recognized for their energetic show filled with choreography and
theatrics, as well as their passion and devotion for Latino Culture and
their love to party.
"Stand up for those who cannot, and live life as if the world ends tomorrow"*

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