The Hood Internet

The Hood Internet

As the name that they go by suggests, The Hood Internet are quite clearly an act in thrall to the possibilities that the internet has opened up, these past few years, for hip hop as a genre; it’s especially true of alternative hip hop, whereby artists play by different rules and experiment more than the mainstream side of the style would really allow. The Chicago duo – comprised of ABX and STV SLV – were primarily concerned with mashing up other hip hop tracks to begin with, after they formed in 2007, but have since gone on to pursue original material, in the form of their one album to date, FEAT; the album features underground guest spots form the likes of Tobacco, Class Actress and Cadence Weapon. In addition, the pair have also pursued slightly sillier things, like Album Tacos, a series of photoshopped classic album covers with tacos covering the original content, but they’ve also played live sets, which has seen them mash up classic hip hop cuts in a slick and often comical manner; it’s little wonder, then, that they’ve managed to carve out a cult fanbase, one that’s no doubt eagerly awaiting the next move from the duo in the studio.

Richie Cunning

The world you live in is not what you think it is. There is another world hidden between the cracks of that which you know. In this world, there is a man that you will not find in any history books or credit reports. He cannot be seen with the human eye at 'the mall' or 'the club'. He is known only as Richie Cunning and there are very few people that even know of his existence. Countless believers have reported first-hand sightings, claiming to have seen him drinking from a flask on a bus station bench in the middle of the night or even fast asleep on a bus station bench in the middle of the night. However, gentlemen and scholars both maintain that he is nothing more than a myth. A drunken ghost in the collective subconscious of modern society. Many have tried to understand him, but there is only one way to truly understand that which is Richie Cunning. You must leave your world behind and step into his realm, a place thought to exist only in fairy tales and ugly areas of downtown San Francisco. Your journey begins now.

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