Three Decades of Destructo Rock!!!

There will be a meet and greet with past and present ANTiSEEN members, plus lots of other surprises!

There will be a pre-show party at Tremont on Friday, October 4th (open to the public).....details coming soon.

For hotel information contact Ramada Hotel & Conference Center: (704) 688-9977. Ask for the "Tremont Music Hall rate" and pay $60 flat!

Antiseen is both so far beyond what punk rock is usually seen as and exactly what punk rock should be. The lack of concern about anything but what they believe, an utter disregard for mainstream successNeuFutur Magazine

Here is the story.....ANTiSEEN started in 1983 with founding members Jeff Clayton and Joe Young. Named as a mis-spelling of the term anti - scene, meaning, against any scene that has it's own rules, code of conduct, fashion and chain of command by hip scenesters. It's only ROCK 'N" ROLL and we LOVE it!!!
By 1993 the group toured with what is now known as the "classic" line up of Clayton, Young, To
m OKeefe and Greg Clayton. A few personal changes later and we are with the current line up of Clayton, Young, Jon Bowman and Phil Keller.
The band has done five full European tours and played all over the USA .With well over 50 releases world wide (many already into numerous repressings) they started the "southern punk" image that many latch onto today. The band backed up now legendary scum lord GG ALLIN on his first post - prison release "MURDER JUNKIES" and also recorded with guitarist / song writer for the original ALICE COOPER group, Michael Bruce. Live shows consist of violent bursts of musical blitzkriegs,and an unhealthy dose of Pro Wrestling influence that features barbed wire wrapped baseball bats or crowns of barbwire that cause REAL bloodshed (another thing many have latched onto) and the occasional auto self destruct finale that got them labeled "Destructo Rock" early in the group's history.
Twenty five years later the band shows no sign of packing it in or making changes to impress any major labels ( so turntables or djs kiddies). They call the Orange County based TKO RECORDS and the Philadelphia based Steel Cage Records . On September 20th, 2008 the band played it's 25 year anniversary show in it's hometown of Charlotte, NC which saw fans, friends and bands from all over the world coming in for the celebration. This marked the end of an era which had Greg Clayton and Doug Canipe saying goodbye after many years of dedication and service and hello to the new era with Bowman & Keller. Is the end in sight?Who knows? Until then.........FUCK ALL Y'ALL!!!!!!!


The Meatmen was always the invention and idea of main member and singer Tesco Vee. Tesco Vee was born some time ago, like it matters anyway as Bob or Robert Vermuellen. He grew up or at least during his teenage years lived in Lansing MI. During his teen years, Tesco was a big fan of 70s rock and pre punk (ya know the originators Stooges, New York Dolls, MC5). Tesco published a small magazine called The Iguana during highschool after which he became an English major at Michigan State University. Some time during the late 70s rocker Tesco Vee became a big punk fan through Brittish bands like Throbbing Gristle and 999. One of his first 'zines was the 999 times based on the band. In '79 formed a sort of punk scene in the midwest at which point Tesco began publishing the Touch and Go fanzine, a harsh, politically incorrect magazine with lots of wit and rude comics. Tesco wrote of his band and others such as The Necros (from Maumee, Ohio), The McDonalds (Necros joke side band) Negative Approach (from Detroit 'burbs), The Fix, Violent Appathy (from Kalamazoo, MI) not to mention non midwestern bands such as Black Flag and Minor Threat.

Sooo, Tesco formed his own band. Bringing together Rich and Greg Ramsey, two obnoxiuos punks (Rich hocked loogies on obnoxious preppy girls). After Rich's stint in the Navy and even catering Frank Zappa's deli tray, he and his brother became some of the main wackiness behind the original meatmen. The name came from Tesco's old friend B.F. belched after eating meat, making him the meat man. Tesco's name? Bob V. saw a photo of U.K. punk band Throbbing Gristle hanging outside a dime store called Tesco, which was in the name was followed his spelled out initial. Tesco sang, Rich played bass, younger brother Greg played guitar and briefly Jim Forsey played drums. Forsey was quickly replaced by Eliot Rachtman. The group became big on the scene along with younger proteges, The Necros. In fact, Tesco was so close to the band, the members, about six or seven years younger than Tesco, considered him to be the older brother they never had. Granted all uppermiddle class, midwest bumpkins, they all had an obnoxious attitude and were encouraged by Tesco to do bad things and cause a reign of terror that Lansing still hasn't recovered from.

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