The Blackeyed Soul Club with performances by Santoros and Levitation Room

The Blackeyed Soul Club (10:15pm - 2am)

The Blackeyed Soul Club is an underground sixties Soul / rock 'n' roll club based at The ( Run by DJ's Jason Pandora and Howie Pyro who are looking for a way to give Los Angeles the kind of club where Mods, Rockers and anyone with an ear for good music and sharp style can come and DANCE to the obscure, great and downright delicious vinyl monsters that have been lighting up dance floors, and leading the way for DJ's all over the globe.

The records played range from the late 50s greasy RnB, to the Storming Soul of the 60s, to US Garage and British Beat. Tunes that slipped through the cracks the first time around, that are being resurrected by the most discerning. The club values itself on assembling a DJ roster with one thing in mind – the dance floor. Alongside the rare records that never made it, you're likely to hear someone dropping those heavy Motown sides that you know and love. The difference is, in this mix all these tunes sound as relevant as the day they were first released.

The Blackeyed Soul Club is a place for vinyl purists, it's a place for Mods, Rockabilly kids, Indie types but most of all it is for those who want to come, dance, and party without being patronized or intimidated by the usual 'sixties' scenes. It’s for anybody and everybody.


Levitation Room

Their Decidedly hallucinogenic jams whisper and hum the same gentle refrains of their summer of love influences, conjuring up the cognitive imagery of sunny days at the park, spent with friends in a euphoric haze along with lyrics ad sonic mediations on life, love and self-awareness.

It just happened. Kind of like how humans crawled out of the slime and came into existence.



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