Miner is a Los Angeles/Silverlake folk-rock group formed in 2012 from the creative nervous breakdown of songwriter Justin Miner, which led him to take an extended break from the music world. He subsequently left Los Angeles to travel the jungles of Central and South America and the redwoods of California's central coast. He returned home rejuvenated, built a small studio in his bedroom with one microphone, and recruited family members (wife Kate Miner, brother Jeremy Miner) to sing and stomp, and Miner was born. When the recording was finished, Justin uploaded first single "Hey Love" to Soundcloud, and within a few days it unexpectedly reached #2 on the Hype Machine single charts. Justin quickly recruited some friends and put together the current live lineup, which includes Justin Miner (vox, guitar), his wife Kate Miner (vox, mandolin, ukulele, harmonica), his brother Jeremy Miner (banjo, lead guitar), his cousin Amanda Koosed (keys), and longtime friends Justin Krook (bass) and Dave Schechtman (drums & percussion).

Miner finds a unique groove within the recent indie-folk revival while still further blurring the genre lines between singer-songwriter, folk, and rock. They self-released a six-song EP called "Hey Love" in September, currently only available at shows. They are now writing new material for their debut album and continuing to perform live.

The Black Apples

2011 has been a good year for the Black Apples, a band that began three years ago and has lived in at least as many cities. They've proved themselves at the Silverlake Jubilee and Sunset Junction music festivals, they've shared the stage with Guitar Wolf, Cap'n Jazz and Mark Sultan (among many others).The band recently headlined an impressive month long residency at LA's indie Mecca The Echo and toured the American west. They have been featured in major music publications and blogs including, LA Record, Brand X, LA Weekly, OC Weekly, the Deli and Brooklyn Vegan.
The band has its roots in brotherhood—Campbell and Andrew Scarborough are the sons of LA guitarist Jeffrey Scarborough (Davie Allan and the Arrows). Growing up in New York, the brothers honed their skills at various venues in the five boroughs.
In 2008, the Black Apples found themselves living together in Fort Collins, Colorado. They began to define their own brand of music, selling out local venues and gaining a loyal local following. Over the summer of 2009, they set up shop in a barn on a lake outside of town to record their psychedelic self-titled EP. It was their way of saying farewell to the mountains.
Making the move to Los Angeles, CA, they linked up with drummer Nick Murray (Crooked Cowboy, Young Veins, White Fence) and bassist Dameon Waggoner (Scared of Chaka, Lowlights). The Black Apples began a grueling stint of playing every venue or party in the Southern California area, often a show every day of the week (including 2am guerrilla shows in Tijuana).
Using the two newest members' varying musical influences, the Black Apples have brought themselves somewhat out of psychedelia and into areas of cacophonous abrasive guitar crunch, complete with the force of double drums and four part harmonies. It's accessible yet demanding, strangely catchy and, surprisingly enough, it's growing in popularity.
As the dust settles amid broken bass guitars and blown out amps, The Black Apples look toward a broad horizon. "It's easy creating music when it feels so natural; we are all lucky to know one another." Their debut album is scheduled to be a limited edition Vinyl. Plans for the future include an EP release and tour.

Roadkill Ghost Choir

Roadkill Ghost Choir is an indie folk-rock band from DeLand, Florida.
Brothers Andrew (vocals, guitar), Maxx (drums) and Zach (bass) Shepard make up half the band while Kiffy Meyers (pedal steel, banjo, guitar), Joey Davoli (keys, trumpet) and Stephen Garza (lead guitar) complete the band’s sound. It wasn’t until Andrew was offered his first solo gig in 2010 that he decided to form a band to fill out the songs he recently started writing for a live setting. After the band went through several name changes in the early stages of its creation, Roadkill Ghost Choir was formed.

While the member’s major influences include Wilco, Gram Parsons, Bob Dylan, and Fleetwood Mac, there are also undercurrents of Radiohead and Nirvana, lending the band an impish edge with broad appeal.

In 2012 Roadkill Ghost Choir finished recording their debut E.P. , Quiet Light, with producer Dave Plakon and engineer Mark Mason at North Avenue Studio. It was mastered in Omaha, Nebraska by Doug Van Sloun (Bright Eyes, She and Him). Quiet Light was released on September 25, 2012.

The Shivers

Hailing from the New York borough of Queens, the Shivers, comprised of Keith Zarreillo and Joanne Schorikow, have made quite the impact on the underground indie rock scene. The duo usually records with a full band and is known for crafting melodic harmonies, which help sculpt some of the most haunting ballads on the market. The Shivers credit many of their songs to the omniscient forces of fast-paced life and loneliness, isolation and intolerable love, all of which frequent even the most content souls from time to time. Though the Shivers seem to take a remote look at life, they are no strangers to the social scene; Zarriello works as an actor, writer, and filmmaker when not in studio.

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