Miner is a Los Angeles/Silverlake folk-rock group formed in 2012 from the creative nervous breakdown of songwriter Justin Miner, which led him to take an extended break from the music world. He subsequently left Los Angeles to travel the jungles of Central and South America and the redwoods of California's central coast. He returned home rejuvenated, built a small studio in his bedroom with one microphone, and recruited family members (wife Kate Miner, brother Jeremy Miner) to sing and stomp, and Miner was born. When the recording was finished, Justin uploaded first single "Hey Love" to Soundcloud, and within a few days it unexpectedly reached #2 on the Hype Machine single charts. Justin quickly recruited some friends and put together the current live lineup, which includes Justin Miner (vox, guitar), his wife Kate Miner (vox, mandolin, ukulele, harmonica), his brother Jeremy Miner (banjo, lead guitar), his cousin Amanda Koosed (keys), and longtime friends Justin Krook (bass) and Dave Schechtman (drums & percussion).

Miner finds a unique groove within the recent indie-folk revival while still further blurring the genre lines between singer-songwriter, folk, and rock. They self-released a six-song EP called "Hey Love" in September, currently only available at shows. They are now writing new material for their debut album and continuing to perform live.

Vertical Scratchers

New Merge records signing Vertical Scratchers (members of Enon, Triclops, Anywhere, Hella, etc) play short manic pop songs that live somewhere between the Kinks and the Buzzcocks. Fun and fun for you!

Olin And The Moon

Spawning from the jagged, green, and snow crusted mountains of Sun Valley, Idaho the founding members of Olin and the Moon came together at a young age and have played music of all kinds over the years. Singer/Songwriter David LaBrel along with his brother and lead guitarist Travis, joined forces with drummer Marshall Vore to create a strong bond and musical friendship. After moving to Los Angeles the boys met up with Brian McGinnis and Kyle Vicioso to create the final lineup of Olin and the Moon. After several years of writing, recording, and playing lots of booze-filled shows, the boys got back in the studio and recorded their newest album “Terrible Town”. The album, relesed in May 2009, is a poignant look at a small town band coming out to the big city, and showcases Olin and the Moon’s best material to date. Finally at a time when authenticity seems to be a thing of the past, Olin and the Moon bring together a rawness and passion in their music that can only be attributed to one too many beers and an endearing hope that a good song can cure even the worst hang over. Always busy, Olin and the Moon is putting the final touches on another full length album entitled “Footsteps” due out in October 2010. Perhaps the best record yet, “Footsteps” has already received licenses from CW’s hit show One Tree Hill even prior to being finished. Building on their already established style, Olin and the Moon continues to create fantastic songs and more and more people are catching on.

Guardian Ghost

It was the winter of 2012, and Jesse Glick locked himself in his cold NYC apartment to begin writing and recording a collection of new music. Anonymous solitude and personal heartache amidst the bustling city provided the backdrop .. for inspiration to dwell. The snow fell. The radiators hissed. The hardwood floors creaked. And an array of songs took shape. By playing all the instruments and producing/recording/mixing himself, his singular vision evolved organically without outside influence or boundary.

Slowly, in-between long walks downtown, endless subway chatter, and a cross-country drive, an album emerged....telling stories of loss, love, rage and redemption.

Fusing a myriad of musical influences and poetry into a unique vision & voice, Guardian Ghost was born.

Free - Mondays in July


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