Late Night Show with Spread, $YRUP, Quasar Camp, Inocent3


The experimental sound of the four-piece powerhouse known as SPREAD has no boundaries. Formed at SIU Carbondale in 2008, the band has been creating energy-filled musical experiences ever since. SPREAD has made many appearances throughout the region, including festivals such as Summer Camp. Combining originally composed material with a mass of spontaneous improvisation, SPREAD hopes to deliver a unique and interactive engagement with its audience.


Quasar Camp


Durt Russell

After years of traveling around partying and being an all-around shredder, I started Subsequent Vibes, an artist collective and promotional/sound rental company, in 2011. Soon after, I learned how to mix, and started opening for some of the shows we were throwing. Two years later, after making many great friendships around the midwest, we came to the decision that Killinoize Productions had been a part of our business and personal lives since day 1, and shortly thereafter, retired the SubVibes name and joined the Killinoize army. I couldn't be happier. I've held down residencies in Bloomington, IL for the better part of two years, played quite a few seriously monumental shows, and with the help of some some very talented friends, I'm getting my feet wet in the world of original production. On top of this, I'm going to continue to work hard with Killinoize to help host the gnarliest events in central IL and beyond. I drink hella liquor and jump around and yell, and I can mix like a gladiator. Check me out


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Late Night Show. Bar Open till 3AM

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