The Juicy Grapes

The Juicy Grapes

Connecticut-based band The Juicy Grapes play songs filled with dance-inducing rhythms and sultry harmonies led by the soulful Tara on vocals. The music seamlessly blends funk, rock and soul, with an old-school sensibility that embraces concepts like “love,” “peace,” and all those other written-off ideals. Somehow, The Juicy Grapes can sing about believing in love, respecting one another, reaching for the stars and even skinny dipping without sounding corny. It has something to do with their style—songs that encourage bouncing and coerce even reluctant audience members onto the dance floor—and something to do with their emotional investment. The Juicy Grapes love to create a scene that’s high on good vibes.

Rhythmic Circus

Perpetual Jamology meets Backwoods Funk with a twist of Reggae Gypsy..and an Elephant. That is the first act of The Rhythmic Circus. Incorporating a wide array of instrumentation with eclectic vocals the merry band of performers engages audiences while touching upon multiple veins of musical possibilities. Constantly evolving and changing this menagerie of sounds, grooves, and special guests work hard to spread love and good vibrations. A conscious collective of creative clowns, the group encourages fans to dive into the dance party, and to live a positive and purposeful life. Come Run Away with The Rhythmic Circus!
Namaste. ONE LOVE. Jah Bless

$7.00 - $10.00


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