Deathrow Tull, Cary Nokey, Dylan Seeger, Home Alone

Deathrow Tull

Deathrow Tull is NYC's dirtiest dance outfit. From funk to afro-beat to rock and hip hop, this seven-piece ensemble manages to bend genre with a contortionist's fervor. The three vocalists, Stephen Rawking, W.M.D.Dubois, and Skirt Vonnegut oscillate between plangent harmonies and ferocious raps giving crowds good reason to both nod their heads and gyrate their hips. The rest of the band provides rhythm and distortion to weave a sonic backdrop guaranteed to move the masses.

From the underground Bushwick dance parties that launched their vibe to the greater stages of NYC's Mercury Lounge and Brooklyn Bowl to the staggering midnight dance parties on the Brooklyn Bridge, Deathrow Tull has a reputation for scorching the earth wherever they land. If you're seeking the perfect convergence of funk, rap, rock, and electro, Deathrow Tull will proudly "kick your ass!"

Cary Nokey

Cary Nokey is not about great vocals, slick stage theatrics or trying to get on to mainstream radio lane with some old world, major label shoot in the dark creative marketing plan, instead it's about what we have been missing since the end of an era and being entertained again...Not sung to, but being part of the experience.

Picking up the pieces from where artists like the Cars, Gary Numan, ABC, and Rick Astley left off Cary Nokey puts the 2013 into the carefree, looseness of major chords, funky bass lines, sing along hooky lyrics and melodies as if you have already heard the songs a thousand times before.

Ali in Da -City, was born as illegitimate son of Roland Gift ( Fine Young Cannibals) . Although never having met his father Ali obviously took on the funky blood line, quirkiness bringing back "left of center" pop vocals. To say Ali has the "gift" would be an understatement. If Fine Young Caniballs did a record with Bowie producing, Roger Waters and Lou Reed writing the tunes that might help paint the picture. Co-writing all the songs, on the first Cary Nokey record, Ali brings us back to that simpler time and feel when music was about music.

8 bit has been programming synths on some of the most recognized records of the last decade. Working under greats like Babyface, Rob Fusari and Timbaland, 8 has been developing a production style headed straight for the rock history books. Although shying away from being called "genius", 8 bit puts his money where his mouth is by challenging any producer out there to a "drum off". 3 minutes and the drum machine of your choice, 8 bit promises, no matter who you are or what you have done, he will put you to shame. Although most don't want to accept the challenge , the few that have forfeited long before the clock started running with there turn.

Record producer Rob Fusari (Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Britney Spears...) took the challenge, "After 8 took his 3 minutes and there were about a dozen people in the room watching, there was no way I was gonna be able to top what he did with the mpc in under 2 minutes , it was like he didn't really even need the last minute , it was like the 3 rd minute was his "day of rest". All I could say to myself was FUCK no!

Dylan Seeger

Dylan Seeger is an alternative musician living in New York. He began writing music at the age of 13 and, through online sales, developed a cult following. In 2012, he released "Readers & Reporters", an album about the breakdown of a journalist with a focus on the social struggles of living in the modern world. It was a significant departure from the pop music that fans had come to expect. Seeger is now working on new projects while continuing to put a face on "Readers & Reporters" by performing the album live.

Home Alone

Home Alone is the passion project of self-proclaimed "agoraphobic with an empathy addiction," Charlie Wood.

In the constant struggle to challenge his own status quo, Wood's prime directive is the attempt to create beautiful music. However, pulling beauty from the void is no easy task, and the drawing board is a frequently recurring character for Home Alone.

While at its core Home Alone is electronic, Wood draws influences from a broader spectrum: "Debussy to Daft Punk." although citing a diverse palette, Home Alone is not overly serious or somber. An underlying theme of self-satire adds a tongue-in-cheek accessibility to the music. Or as Charlie describes it, "four on the floor with lots of emotions."


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