Kathryn Anne Davis, Magic Magic Roses (closing set)

Kathryn Anne Davis

Singer-songwriter Kathryn Anne Davis returns to live performance with a new, full band and the release of a 12" single, "Make Up and Gum" on Pretty Penny Records. Born in Portland, she moved to San Francisco in 2006 from New York and played with Alexis Georgopoulos as the minimal, synth based two piece ARP, as well as recording a full length solo album, "On My Mind" with Luke Top in Los Angeles. Most recent bands include Honey, the San Francisco garage rock 7 piece with Will Ivy and Moses Montalvo, and the very fun GoGo's cover band, The NoGo's with Bianca Sparta (Erase Errata) Wendy Farina (Tits) and Dustin Clark (Sand City). She has also written for the Brazilian band CSS' new Album "Planta".

Influenced by Carol King, the Zombies, and the blue-eyed soul and sometimes country sound of Greg Almond and The Band, the sound is a new, personal and original take on the warm and familiar ballad.

Magic Magic Roses (closing set)

Magic Magic Roses make dreamy, meditative folk music in San Francisco. Kate Sweeney (vocals, guitar) and Sarah Simon (vocals, guitar) deliver raw, stripped down, and warm folk songs that are as intimate as they are intoxicating. Their sound brings to mind a lot of our favorite tender records that were coming out of the Pacific Northwest in the late '90s by folks like Rose Melberg, Kaia, Sarah Dougher, and Lois, as well as displaying hints of a darker disposition, sort of like a more twee Cat Power or Edith Frost.


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