Irony Butterfly

Irony Butterfly

Irony Butterfly are a four piece combo based in San Francisco, California by way of Antwerp, Belgium. "Ground" is their fourth 7" vinyl release on Little Pablo Records. The group was formed in October 2009 by vocalist/filmmaker Dietger Genet, guitarist Jan Gyn and local percussionist Nelson Santos. The initial recording session of their first single was funded by Dietger's film for the SF band Wooden Shjips song "Outta My Head" and was produced by Tedrick J Rippy (Dusty Jermier).
Bassist Jeanne Park joined the band in 2010. Dietger's film for E.S.P. (the B side of the debut single Marissa) was an official selection for the 2011 Albany Film Festival. Recently coming to light is the rather intriguing tale of Dietger's young life and adoption by an American diplomat (Wayne L Smith) which was supposedly documented in Ken For Men magazine. Dietger (whose American name was Clay Smith) has said he recently obtained a copy and will soon post it on the band's website.

Irony Butterfly will release their debut album in the summer of 2013. Ground is the first single from the album. The B side is a cover of the Sidekicks 1967 song Not Now.

Buzzy Frets

Buzzy Frets is a high-energy/barn-busting conglomerate of surfalicious-rockabillyizing and bluesy fun! They play surf and rockabilly instrumentals with blazing musicality and spectacular writing. Led by Pete Madsen on guitar, Leon Santos on bass and Nelson Santos on drums these guys sound much bigger than a 3 piece.

The Doubt Factory

Leon Santos, Paul Santos, Nelson Santos.

Representing the San Francisco Bay Area. Writing and playing heavy metal since 1982, The Doubt Factory's sound and roots are embedded in the local music scene. Influenced by Early 80's rock bands such as The Sea Hags and Faith No More.


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