Fenton Coolfoot and the Right Time

"An animated, Funk-Soul-Reggae-Rock show lucidly producing a borderless, Bad-Ass, Live-Funk-Music Theater". It's Independent Rebel Music for 2013 and beyond! Lead guitarist and vocalist Gardner Fenton Goetze conceived his alias FenToN CooLfooT while riding on a tour bus with reggae band Steel Pulse in Italy. The Sun on the passing Tuscan countryside pulled the idea out of his mind. Sun-Glassin', Coolfootin', and Hard-Shredding while mining for light through music...In other words putting together a diverse All-Star Band that not only jams party music, but incorporates Skits and Comedy and Activism into the production as well.

It bounced around the bus and a few years later, Funkateers from San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and Marin County go Head to Head in High Quality HD Funk-Soul-Reggae-Latin Boogie Music production. Live as the mighty sun and cool like the deep blue sea. reggae rockers, rock n roll heaters, crackin' drums and harmonic colors over Funk and Soul Beats. Spoken word and set design elements compliment the live show, an all styles experience sure to attract good vibes, good company, and great live music and art. A steady vein of early RHCP, Funkadelic, and Dub-Reggae run through the Funk/Rocksteady sound that he calls "Funksteady".

Fenton has shared the stage with a wealth of Bay Area Bands that exist or have existed over the years including Tropicalia/Salsa/Reggae band Mucho Axe, award-winning SF Latin/Reggae band Manicato,Célia Faussart of Les Nubians, Big Tings!, Gema de los Deseos (cumbia music), The Clean-Up Party Band, Mystic Man and Lakay, Afrorhythm, and the High Lonesome Sound System (country/dub/bluegrass). He has recorded with most of these groups including studio work with the popular Chicago-based Hip-Hop/Group Treehouse. Fenton is well known for his versatility as a guitarist/ and charisma as a Funkateer/Wild-man. His songwriting is inspired by hard beat,rhythm, soul, good food, pretty girls, and rad shoes, in addition to tales of growing up and partying in the SF Bay Area, from Marin County to Oakland to San Francisco.

The Sol Doc Project

Growing up where nature was his playground, Jeremy Knudsen developed an organic foundation just east of Point Reyes Seashore, in Fairfax, California, a small town nestled behind Mt. Tamalpais. Forever home to his heart, this area has served as his stomping grounds in search of medicine and surf. After years of travel, he's found himself collaborating again in these San Francisco outskirts.

Every song begins with a simple sound, a call within yourself to connect. Dedicated to collaborative elevation and influential vibrations, Sol Doc is on the periphery of the utmost dynamic, soul-binding hip-hop in the modern age. It is universally evident, beat after beat: Sol Doc enthusiastically embraces music as a utensil to enliven our planet, and the band backing him is one of the most fresh crew of music makers on the scene. They are well known for ripping grooves on the spot that jump a party to a whole new level by way of tight pocket funk, reggae drumming, and straight honey R 'n B keyboard parts. You got to check 'em out!.



Two Ripping Bay Area bands, The Wild Funk and The Rocksteady styles of FenToN CooLfooT and The Right Time comes back to the Red Devil Lounge with the Sol Doc Project, a Live Hip Hop Project that turns up the Dub and the Funk throughout the set with an incredibly talented band delivering that " Northern Cali Grown" Hip-Hop meets Reggae meets Funk sound. Together they complete not only an awesome party, but a night of amazing talent and original music born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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