The Carbonari, Unifer, The Trophy Fire, WeakerCaptain

The Carbonari

We are the Carbonari. Our name is borrowed from a secret society of revolutionaries that took great risk in the pursuit of freedom, liberty, and equality. Like them we endeavor to be brave, compassionate, and righteous, in our music and through the development of our characters. As individuals we have each felt a calling to play music, and we hope through our works together to create something constructive and beneficial for those amongst us who love peace, truth, and justice. Thank you for taking an interest in us, and I hope that you will accompany us in our journey forward. - Adam Vaagen


There have always been two sides of music that argue back and forth – those who make pop music with the sole goal of writing a song that feels good and captivates the mind, and those who make music that is progressive and pushes the boundaries of what is possible in a genre. That being said, the biggest challenge in music is to make both sides happy and make a poppy song that pushes boundaries and
progresses a genre forward. With Unifier’s debut album Colorado, (produced by Jesse Cannon who has worked with The Cure, Saves The Day, Basement and Transit, to name a few) the Greensboro, North Carolina based group has done just that, creating a record that fuses the pop-rock sounds of Switchfoot, Foo Fighters and Jimmy Eat World with the progressive genre-pushing of groups like Brand New, The Dear Hunter and Manchester Orchestra.

The Trophy Fire

The Trophy Fire, a Bay Area three-piece, play heartfelt, hook-driven and powerful indie rock. Their lush string and keyboard pads, big guitars and sultry harmonies conjure a span of comparisons from Jimmy Eat World to Tears for Fears. After the release of their first record "A Lifetime in the Middle of the Ocean," and tours with influences and mentors Far and Dredg, they put out a new EP "Armor."


WeakerCaptain, a four piece Indie/Rock band from Charlotte NC, originated in 2011 while members of other local bands met together to create something greater than just structured melodies with one off shows to look forward to. Consisting of Keenan Jackson (Vox, Guitar) Nathan Riddle (Vox, Guitar) Daniel Caldwell (Bass) and Alex Mceachern (Percussion) a brotherhood of serious, talented musicians looking to expand and share the passion of their craft was born. WeakerCaptain has played 50 plus shows in and around the Charlotte metro area since recording their first six song EP released in 2011 with the help of producers Matt Barker and Randall Karikker. Quickly taking advantage of the growing support for local Indie rock WeakerCaptain was featured on NewRock 106.5 radio for the release of their EP including an on air live performance. WeakerCaptain still remains relevant on air in Charlotte with their tracks being played regularly and gaining new listeners everyday. Their follow up EP is currently being recorded. As to their recorded success their live performances will never disappoint either. Gaining a great reputation in the scene networking with bands, their draw has more than doubled from a low 40- 50 people through the door to a modest 100 plus in the metro area. Hungry for more show opportunities they look to tour and play for anyone willing to give their time for the music. Equipped with a Chevy van, trailer, PA, and full merch table they are more than ready to meet the future with intense passion and unforgettable performances.

$5.00 - $7.00


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