Atmospheric conceptual rock. Music that is both melodically and rhythmically driven by thematic film-like sequences.

Diazepam is a different approach to progressive rock; experimental but concise compositions for listening or dancing.

Diazepam strives to produce rock laden with progressive concepts and memorable melodies. Our influences range from progressive rock to latin to hip hop to jazz, and the repertoire has both instrumental and vocal-based pieces.

The band's cohesion under imperfect circumstances has provided us with the ambition to bring our music to the world. Through many personal difficulties and geographic realities Diazepam has remained a healthy musical force with ever-expanding room for growth and potential. The creation has only just begun.

Born and raised in New York City, Billy Conahan used to frequent the city’s many small and not-so-small comedy clubs doing stand up, poking fun of the world. He was 13 years old at the time and everyone called him Billy, the kid.

In 2008, while attending Talent Unlimited High School For The Performing Arts (Upper East Side, NYC), Billy found himself constantly writing. A verse here, a prose there, in the back of a class, during the lunch period…. He loved listening to Bob Dylan, and was thrilled to dive into songwriting after receiving a guitar for Christmas. He learned quickly to set his words to simple chords and told stories like a sage. Everyone said,”Billy, you’ve got an old soul for your age.”

Senior year in high school had proven to be a life-changing year for Billy Conahan. Unlike his school mates, he preferred listening, writing, and performing music instead of searthing for colleges. He was inspired by Eminem and Nas, was infatuated with the rappers from the 90′s. He became a part of a rap collective and they called themselves K.O.P.. They made music videos and wrote tirelessly.

Now at age of 21, Billy Conahan is a rapper and songwriter known for his sophisticated and well-versed style. He is an unique breed of hip-hop, mixing elements of folk, story telling, Rock n’ Roll, funk, jazz, and comedy. In Dec. 2011, Billy teamed up with emcee and producer Drew Baron Roland (Red Clay) and recorded his first single “On A New York Morning”. The rough mix received over 300 plays in 3 days on his Sound Cloud page. In October of 2012, Billy released his first mixtape, “EPISODE I”; and then 6 months later in March of 2013, he released a second mixtape “Episode II: S.M.O.K.E.”, that received almost 1000 plays on his bandcamp page within the first week. His first music video, “What’s That Funny Smell?”, released on Mar. 5th, celebrated its first 1000 views on Youtube a day after his 21st birthday on March 28th.

During the year and half of performing as a new hip hop artist on the block, he has done shows at Highline Ballroom, Sullivan Hall, The Shrine World Music Venue, Littlefield, various local pubs and small clubs. He is a finalist of 2013 Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival Show and Prove, and is scheduled to appear at the Rapture Lounge, Lucky Jack’s, and The Way Station.

Green Stop Sign

Green Stop Sign Quartet, born from classical and jazz roots have developed a Jam-funk-tronica sound, keeping listeners bumping all night. Influenced by different bands like Phish, Grateful Dead and Stevie Wonder, GSS brings in their own funky, danceable twists.
Allen Glenn, Eliot Kershner, Jason Dirig and Danny Katz inaugurated themselves as Green Stop in the 10th grade, but it wasn’t until college that they really started kicking off. Sparking in Binghamton, New York, this trio has played college parties, bars, and benefit concerts introducing different crowds to get down to the funkiness that is Green Stop Sign. GSS incorporates a pandora of unique and different soundscapes keeping listeners on their toe’s for the continuously developing jams.
Eliot leads the trio with intricate blends of technical piano solos and synthesizer leads. Allen keeps people dancing all night with his insanely tight beats behind the kit and Uriyah keeps the jam-band ambiance throughout, with his improvisational dub bass lines. GSS made it clear that the structure of their music is the key to making it a fun experience for the audience.



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