Teen Agers, Awkward Age

Teen Agers

Ever curious what would occur if you combined multiple quarter-life crises, a penchant for bottom-tier booze in plastic bottles and a Flanders-sized repertoire of puns in a punk rock powder keg? Erupting like a sonic Cthulhu from beneath the Florida swamps comes Teen Agers, the brainchild of four gentlemen with enough functioning neurons to constitute one able-bodied adult. With plenty of melody to satisfy the crowd at your rad wine mixers and hearty helpings of riffage guaranteed to satiate your unmitigated adolescent angst, Teen Agers are the result of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object; just…a bit slower, so as to not pull something.

Awkward Age

Three young professional living the dream of making music they would like to hear. One is a teacher, one is a paralegal, the last one works at before and after care for middle schoolers. Those same middle school children don't know who Pearl Jam is! What the fuck? Have you ever seen the movie Ghostbusters? The guys think everything is going great until the university kicks them out and they are forced go into business for themselves. That is the distilled essence of Awkward Age. Who you gonna call?

$3.00 at the door.

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