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Glass Elephant

Glass Elephant is a lustrous, searing result of music forged within the crucible of Brooklyn’s creative music community. The band, whose debut album Atlantic was released in April of 2013, consists of four musicians who are ensconced in a tightly-knit and all-embracing scene. Their lush and stormy sound has been just as much influenced by rock as it has been by contemporary classical and experimental music.

Multi-instrumentalist Russ Flynn and drummer Danny Wolf grew up playing music together on Long Island, New York. They formed a trio in the fall of 2011 with guitarist Sam Petitti, who had been performing with Wolf since their time studying music together at the University of Miami.Sam, Russ and Danny live together in Bushwick, Brooklyn, where much of Atlantic was self-recorded. Work on Atlantic began in the fall of 2011. In the summer of 2012, Glass Elephant welcomed the addition of bassist Jackson Hill.

The album takes much of its subtle power and atmospheric cues from the restrained tumult and dark beauty of the Atlantic ocean, whose quiet force is unceasingly lurking nearby the musicians’ urban base. Its melancholic and brooding mood is reflective of the tameless winters of the Northeast. The music of Atlantic is a refined and intricately-carved concentration of the band members’ collective experience. Its roiling sound is complemented by rich horn arrangements penned by Flynn. Atlantic was developed with patience and precision over the course of much of 2012. The final step was mastering by Joe Lambert, who has helped define the sound of contemporary creative rock via such artists as The Dirty Projectors and Animal Collective.

In August of 2013 the group plans to begin work on their follow-up to Atlantic. Stay tuned.

Old Best Friend

Mike Comite is your Old Best Friend. He's 24 now, and he lives in Brooklyn. He plays loud and quiet music under the moniker Old Best Friend, and sings stories about friends and car accidents and that person you've been trying real hard not to think about lately. You guys should keep in touch.


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