Danny Barnes, Flatland Harmony Experiment

Danny Barnes

Larry Keel is a big fan of Barnes' music. "I love a chance to play music with Danny Barnes, I tell ya. He's just the newest, greatest songwriter that I've heard," Keel said. "Danny is one of a kind, entirely. He's an amazing banjo player, and completely different from Bela Fleck or Tony Trischka or any of them. His song writing, I don't know, he's like the new John Hartford, I think."

Flatland Harmony Experiment

Flatland Harmony Experiment is a new bluegrass driven string band based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. FHE started in 2011 on a cool summer night when three musicians came together at an outdoor acoustic jam. Trading songs and singing together with ease just felt right. So much so that plans to get together were made to explore and see if there were any exciting musical chemistry to be made. A bunch of songs were played and recorded that first session. A common thread of energy and three part harmonies were there from the beginning. It was mixed down and the CD was labeled "Flatland Harmony Experiment". From there a band was born.
In the first three months FHE played 3 festivals, opened for 2 national acts and recorded, mixed and released an all original ep. 2012 has been and will continue to be amazing for the Flatland Harmony Experiment. 12 regional festivals, club dates, and house concerts will bring FHE to a venue near you soon. We have been so fortunate to share bills and most importantly music with many friends and countless musical heroes and look forward to the future collaborations yet to come.
Flatland Harmony Experiment is Scott Nelson on upright bass, Kris Potts on Mandolin, and Johnny Plott on Banjo.
"Hailing from different backgrounds in the music industry, they are rock-solid players and vocalists who bring their experience and maturity together to create a uniquely organic musical landscape. Playing with the subtleties of acoustic string instruments and human voice, Flatland Harmony Experiment delivers a dynamic performance that will take the audience from sweet harmony to spaces of driving rhythm within each performance. Playing each show like their last, this is a project that must be experienced."

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