Secret Circuit, Tim Sweeney, Jee Day

Secret Circuit

The axis field of SECRET CIRCUIT mixes Psychedelic, and started up as a band inviting one basic member and various guest in the place where free Music was expressed and permanent Cosmic, Jam-Disco, Soul, Funk, and Jazz.

Tim Sweeney

Tim Sweeney and Beats in Space. The story of the man is synonymous
with that of the radio show. Over the course of a decade, Sweeney has
built Beats in Space into an iconic brand. In return, BIS has launched
Sweeney's career as one of New York's most sought-after DJs.

It's hard to believe that, ten years ago, Sweeney was an 18-year-old
student at New York University, helming a little-known radio show on
WNYU's AM dial. The show started small, airing on an obscure frequency
during the wee hours of the night. However, Sweeney understood the
huge potential for a dance-music radio show broadcast from the heart
of New York City. He envisioned a genre-breaking format, showcasing
the best dance music whether disco, new wave, Chicago house, minimal
techno, Krautrock, funk and soul, or post-punk found anywhere in the
world, anytime in history. He took cues from groundbreaking disc
jockeys like Detroit's Electrifying Mojo, who thought nothing of
following up Prince with a Kraftwerk or Depeche Mode record. Armed
with this vision, Sweeney began pulling in heavy-hitting guest DJs on
BIS, prompting WNYU's producers to move him to the FM dial with
increasingly prime timeslots. Sweeney quickly attracted a strong
international following for the diverse range of artists and styles on
his playlists. Guest artists who've appeared alongside him on the show
range from avant-techno stylists Carl Craig and Superpitcher, to
Australian turntablists the Avalanches, to Nordic disco producers
Lindstrom and Prins Thomas.

Says Sweeney, "Since I need to do something different for each show,
I'm forced to go out and discover new music every week. It can be
recently released or unreleased records, or older songs that people
haven't heard before. I try to find the best music from all different
genres, and then make them fit together in ways that appeal to people
who might not have liked, say, disco or techno, before now. For me
it's always fun finding tracks that people don't know about, but that
sound amazing."

Jee Day (Museum Of Love / DFA)

The lucky seventh release on Beats In Space Records rolls on the back of an ecstatic track from Dennis ‘DJ’ McNany – aka Jee Day. A fixture in the NYC dance community as label boss of Run Roc Records, a touring member of The Juan MacLean and an accomplished producer in his own right (see the Like A Child and Auro Go 12s for DFA), McNany knows what music makes a crowd lose its collective mind.
“Sum of Love” is inspired by that euphoric dance floor climax. After a particularly stimulating conversation with a Brazilian sage at his apartment on a cold winter night, McNany dusted off a MC-202 bass sequencer and got to programming the pulse of “Sum of Love.” Envisioning the spacious outdoor Brooklyn venue where McNany was set to hold down a summer residency, the track euphorically evolved into a sure fire smash after McNany’s friend Jee Young Sim recorded two tenderly melodic verses and the duo hammered out the emphatic “call for love” chorus.
With the encouragement of McNany’s friend and collaborator Pat Mahoney, the track was finished and passed from one Dropbox to the next until it found its way to Beats In Space. We passed it along to our friend Lauer, who in turn submitted a house-y remix not far from the tree but rooted in a different kind of dub. Just in time for another summer, these two tracks leave the nest to find new friends of feather in the burning love weather.
Each 12″ from Beats in Space Records features original artwork in considerate and serial form. This 12″ features a collage by Hisham Akira Bharoocha, the multidisciplinary artist and musician behind Soft Circle and Boredoms cosmic Boadrum enterprise. The 12″ packaging constructed by Will Work For Good features a removable vinyl BIS logo cling.
Jee Day’s Sum of Love will be released on May 7, 2013 on Beats In Space as a limited edition 12” and digitally.

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