Escarioka, Karikatura, Jbabun, Tipsy Oxcart


Escarioka es un colectivo multicultural que empieza a a fines del 2002 en Elizabeth, NJ una explosion de pura energia lograda por una mezcla de ROCK N ROLL Y HARD-CORE DUB TROPICAL RAGGAMUFFIN entre otros sabores alrededor del mundo. Banda liderada por Exequel, Pablo D'Ambrosio, Cristobal Miranda Hidalgo y Fernando Alvarez. El significado de ESCARIOKA es de seguir pasando EL FIESTON con mensajes reales antimentira y contra la envidia y los egos de la gente que no les lleva a ninguna parte y que nadie se quede sin BAILONGO. Escarioka es considerada como la banda WORLD MUSIC de toda el escena Latina en New York City, teloniando a bandas como SKA-P, CHICO TRUJILLO, LOS DESTELLOS, FIDEL NADAL, MIMI MAURA, SERGIO ROTMAN(Los Fabulosos Cadillacs) entre otros. Escarioka saca su primer album ''FACTOR SABOR'' bajo el sello independiente de MEHANATA RECORDS.
Escarioka seguira promoviendo sabor,alegria, identidad, fuerza, densidad, patiadura etc.


Karikatura is a Brooklyn-based indy world music band, combining sounds and storytelling arts from all over the world. Greatly influenced by the sounds of Latin, Eastern European, and Jamaican traditions, Karikatura forges a soundtrack to stories born from world-wide travel experiences. Infectious horn melodies soar over soulful vocals, while the rock solid rhythm section makes bodies move to const
antly evolving grooves. They proudly bring their unique style and rocking energy into a huge range of settings, from Manhattan jazz bistros to Czech punk rock clubs, and concert hall stages the world over.

In January 2011 Karikatura embarked on a Muzon Worldwide tour with three international runs. First, 5 shows in Japan, promoting their debut EP "Muzon". This was followed by a 3-week Spring tour in Europe where the band played 9 different countries and 21 cities. They were met with such warmth and excitement that they returned to Europe for all of November to play 28 concerts in 30 days across more countries. Finally, to wrap up the year, Karikatura toured from New York to New Orleans.

When not touring, Karikatura plays regularly in Manhattan and Brooklyn at popular world music joints such as Tutuma Social Club, Mehanata Bulgarian Bar, and Bembe. They also play shows all over the 5 boroughs, and support international acts when they visit NYC.

The band was founded by guitarist and vocalist Dima Kay, who began gathering the stories and conceiving the sounds of the band while journeying around Europe, Asia, and Africa in 2009.


The forgotten love child of James Brown, the Fania All Stars & Jorge Ben! A Puerto Rican living in New York with a Brazilian Fetish!

Tipsy Oxcart

Tipsy Oxcart plays electric, sweaty, bumpin' Balkan music from New York City. The band plays both original compositions and grooving new arrangements of upbeat urban dance music from South Eastern Europe. The band reflects the diversity of NYC itself, collectively speaking over 5 languages and tastefully infusing the traditional rhythms of the Balkans with elements of jazz, funk, and more. A party with Tipsy Oxcart is guaranteed to shake the dance floor all night long!

$5.00 - $7.00


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