Collegiate Bowl: University of Miami ft. Sins of the Loose Buttons

Collegiate Bowl: University of Miami ft. Sins of the Loose Buttons

Sins of the Loose Buttons is an alternative rock band that hails from the streets of the great New York City. Sins covers a unique array of genres, but the dance rock, hard funk influenced New York rock band's style has been created by the members through years of immense practice to prefect their respective instruments. Sins of the Loose Buttons consists of Eric Nizgretsky [Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar], Zack Kantor [Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals], Manny Silverstein [Bass], and Kai Colucci [Drums]. Their debut album 'Silent Snow,' recorded early last year, is sheer proof of the bands musical potential. In the words of the great Billy Joel, "I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints, the sinners are much more fun." Indeed this is true, so look out for the roaring sounds of Sins of the Loose Buttons, a well oiled, hard rock machine, coming to a NYC venue near you!

Arc & Stones

Arc & Stones started as a vision between Dan Pellarin (Vocals, Guitar) and Ben Cramer (Lead Guitar). Upon meeting in college back in 2010, ideas were tossed around about starting up a band, but it was not until June of 2012 that Arc & Stones would officially begin. Both Pellarin and Cramer relocated to New York City to begin writing and recording what is now their debut five song EP, “Arc & Stones EP.” During the summer of 2012, Pellarin and Cramer’s mutual friend from college, Eddy Bayes, coincidentally moved up to New York City and began playing bass for the band. The three members eventually completed their lineup after finding their drummer, Joe Doino, from an ad online. By the end of the summer, Arc & Stones, was officially born.

Having their sound described as a mix of alternative-rock, blues and soul, Arc & Stones deliver hard-hitting music from the heart. The band played their first show in September 2012 and has been making a name for themselves through New York City and as a national touring act.

When I look back on my childhood, growing up on the seashores of Connecticut, it’s hard to believe that I am the same, shy girl who kept everything quietly inside. It’s almost impossible to imagine that years later, that same girl would be sharing her deepest thoughts with the world through songwriting.

Writing feels to me, a little like letting everyone in on every secret I’ve ever had. But despite my introverted nature, I find that sharing my music is as vital as breathing. I didn’t choose to be a songwriter —I had to be one.

So after doing some growing, traveling, living (places like Italy and Japan), and learning, I have compiled a few songs that I personally believe to be the most accurate representation, thus far, of who I am. The album, Blue Road, was recorded partially in SoHo, NY at Singing Serpent Studios, partially in Newburgh, NY at Off the Block Recording, and partially in Miami, FL at Bieler Bros. Studios, and was produced by Chris Petrosino and Rob McCurdy, and mixed by Chris Petrosino and Stephen Swartz.

As everything started falling into place, I realized just how proud I was of the collection of songs we created. For the first time, I feel that the essence of my music is truthfully represented in the recording and post-production processes. I can’t wait to share these songs with everyone very soon.

Thank you for listening.

With Love,
Joni Fatora

Chemicals of Creation (DJ Set)

Chemicals of Creation is a high energy, electronic dance experience curated by DJ/Producers Devon James Stewart (devon.james) and John Kunz (Dr.Teeth). The two came together after meeting in an audio production class in the Winter of 2010 at Syracuse University. Having been DJing, and practically running the underground party scene at school since sophomore year. Their parties earned a reputation for being the most wild, innovative, and exciting the campus had to offer. As the popularity of electronic music grew, Chemicals of Creation became one of the most in demand acts in Syracuse. They gained even more exposure after winning a DJ competition at Syracuse University, earning them an opportunity to open for Steve Aoki. With this momentum, they began spreading their infectious and diverse blends of sounds to other cities in the Northeast. Refusing to slow down the duo continues to play clubs, festivals, and other events across the globe.
When these two come together the music gets loud, the floors shake, and the people get wild. This energetic pair is constantly researching, downloading, remixing, and producing music of different genres in an attempt to connect people together musically and culturally. Their influences break down musical barriers and connect genres like Reggae and Hip Hop with Soulful House and Electro. Their extensive knowledge of other cultures, paired with the hard work of staying on top of the most current underground and popular movements, produces magical results in their live show and on the dance floor.
Chemicals of Creation are known for the atmosphere they create in their live shows and have shared the stage with the likes of Tiesto, Skrillex, Major Lazer, Steve Aoki, Porter Robinson, Dillon Francis, Datsik, Zeds Dead, Felix Da Housecat, Flux Pavillion, Dr. P, Nadastrom, Sazon Booya, RJD2, Lunice, Paul Devro, DJ Sega, Nit Grit, DJ Craze, Daedelus, Tokimonsta, and Two Fresh – to name only a few.

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