Adeste is a six piece outfit based out of Orlando, Florida. From the very beginning, they set out to be a powerful voice in the music industry, with a positive message that is seldom seen anymore. It’s an often overstated and under appreciated idea that music is about having fun. They understand that they have a chance to set a good example for the kids that go to shows and that it’s not about who can look the toughest or curse the most on stage. It’s about having fun and loving one another.

Adeste's debut album, In Parables, was completed in the summer of 2010. In Parables is a concept album, carefully composed and meticulously pieced together, to tell a story from beginning to end. This 11-track epic tells the story of a boy's search for truth, and the trials he faces along the way. The goal is to share a story, and make an impact. Adeste is a band that appreciates every single person that goes to see them play, and strives to be a positive influence on a decaying music scene.

The Passeneger

Formed in the summer of 2011, The Passenger, is an alternative rock band hailing from the state where old people go to die: Florida. Mentally rooted in the mid-nineties Saturday Night Live/”Grunge” Era, The Passenger, and their music, intend to inspire you to dust off your Doc Martens and tie a flannel around your waist. Their latest release "A Dog Named Bear" EP has seen the band grow musically and in members. Original members Noah Kussack, and Beau Rothman added some new faces to the mix with the additions of Bennett Newsome, Manny Monteagudo. Prior to recording ADNB bassist Steven Palmer parted ways with the band to pursue other interest. The addition of Will Brotz on the bass completed the missing puzzle piece of what is The Passenger. ADNB was produced by Justin Beckler (Andy Matchett & The Minks, Matt butcher, The Dropa Stone), and was recorded in our homes. Truly making it a homemade record. ADNB was mastered by ledged Tony Battaglia(Puddle of mudd, Shinedown, Mandy Moore).
Their self-produced debut album, “Here Today. Gone To Maui.,” mixed by Ed Rose(Get Up Kids, Motion City Soundtrack, Appleseed Cast…), embodies a well-rounded, full bodied, super catchy rock sound reminiscent of bands like Jimmy Eat World, The Get Up Kids, Foo Fighters, Weezer, etc…

Mental Giant

Mental Giant is a sonic stick of dynamite, a power trio, an explosive mix of honest, straight forward, heart felt lyrics and intelligent, mathy, art rock consisting of Dubs on vocals and guitar, Ryan on drums and Tosh on vocals and bass. Mental Giant weaves intelligent, loud, forceful rock with mindful lyrics about religion, politics, world issues and love lost and love won. Dubs, Ryan, and Tosh seamlessly fluctuate between walls of sound drenched in distortion to orchestrated, playful melodic turns and twists. Dubs' sometimes unorthodox chord structure and chord progressions are only punctuated by Toshs' melodic bass lines and bright tone. The two front men rely heavily on the solid, aggressive and forward thinking beats provided by Ryan. With every show Mental Giant continues to prove that it is a band to watch and watch out for in Central Florida.

Stand Well Among Giants

July 11, 2011 Stand Well Among Giants was formed in Orlando among the masses of the music scene, standing apart of the normal and everyday regularities that we call our lives. We stand tall and stand proud against everyone and everything that tells us no and we're ready fight until there's nothing left. The Giants of the Industry, of Society, of the this nation better watch out because we are tired of living in the shadows!

Our music is composed of mind-poking lyrics, entangled in catchy choruses and verses accompanied by synths that are ready to slice, guitars that are ready to explode, bass that is ready to crush, and drums that are ready to bring you to your knees!

To this day Stand Well Among Giants has played multiple shows at the Backbooth, the Social, and was also featured in the Florida Music Festival in Downtown Orlando. They have recorded at Plush Studios with their producer John LaRosa on their full length album Redesign the sky. They are finishing the album at John Blanche's studio with John LaRosa and Richard Ott that should be dropped summer time.

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