We’ve got a warehouse where we keep our instruments. Inside they connect by cables that create a web. Every idea we have passes through the system, Often sounding the same as it looks.

andy stavas - piano, keyboards, saxophones..
brandon corn - drums, percussion..
derek poulsen - bass, computers..
alex wright - piano, keyboards, guitars ..
robert brinkerhoff - guitars, vocals..

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Miya Folick

Miya has been singing songs to her wall for a couple years now. She's ready to branch out to other people's walls and maybe even some humans. Her music draws from her classical singing background, the Buddhist chants of her youth, and good old, American folk songs. It's a dark, folksy, sometimes pop-y meditation on human and mother nature.

The Steelwells

The Steelwells are an indie rock band which formed in 2007 in Fullerton, California, United States. The band consists of Joey Winter, Andrew Eapen, Jonathan Bradley, Robbie Gullage and Billy Kim.

Influenced by The Beatles, U2 and Wilco, Fullerton-based The Steelwells are five studly men who sing nautical tales about sailing the seas. They went into the 2009 Orange County Music Awards “Best Live Band” showcase as newbies, while in the midst of trying to reconfigure their music, and came out of it with a wakeup call. The Steelwells saw what was happening in the scene and wanted to be part of it. The cheery, folk-inspired indie rockers went back into the studio and recorded a new EP called “Shallow On The Draft” in October 2009, continuing to play as many local shows as they could fit into their schedule. In January of this year, they had a residency at Silverlake Lounge and in February made it to the OC Music Awards Best Live Showcase finals. Though they didn’t take home the award for Best Live, they were nominated for four OCMAs and took home the awards Best New Artist and “El Capitan” for Best Song.

While the band continues to record new music, they will release two music videos in the next couple of months and by June 2010 expect two residencies, one on Fridays at The Beauty Bar in San Diego and another on Mondays at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa.

DJ Kat Corbett

Free - Mondays in August


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