We’ve got a warehouse where we keep our instruments. Inside they connect by cables that create a web. Every idea we have passes through the system, Often sounding the same as it looks.

andy stavas - piano, keyboards, saxophones..
brandon corn - drums, percussion..
derek poulsen - bass, computers..
alex wright - piano, keyboards, guitars ..
robert brinkerhoff - guitars, vocals..

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Dark Furs is a female fronted indie rock band currently based in Los Angeles, CA, USA but with ties as far as the UK. Newcastle-upon-tyne born vocalist, Suzanne May connected with Southern California based songwriter / guitarist Chad Philipps in 2011 to form the early stages of the song writing partnership. The duo soon headed into the studio with producer Dan Long (Henry Clay People, Local Natives) and transformed into a trio when drummer Garrett Henritz signed on to record the Dark Furs self titled EP, thus solidifying the lineup. With strong commanding vocals, dreamy instrumentals and a captivating live show, Dark Furs is a band to watch out for. Their sound is unique and powerful – flick the emotional switch, it will take you to a deep place whether you want it or not. Their debut EP was released independently in the Summer of 2013.

Raw Geronimo

Laena Geronimo's brain child. Songs written, demos recorded. February 2011 band members were sought out amongst hyper talented musically obsessed friends. By March the resulting six-piece began playing out. Citing obscenely vast influences from the smashing of rocks to Paganini violin solos.
We enjoy sunset walks on the beach, nerding out, and making people excited.

I Recommend it- Henry Rollins

Totally ruling LA noir re-imagining of what the second Suicide record might have sounded like if Polly Jean Harvey fronted the band instead of Alan Vega. Hints of surf guitar bring you back to the west/best coast and give the whole happening a woozy, psychedelic glow. Featuring a former member of Lion Fever and Everlovely Lightningheart, it is extremely limited, this is hands-down the sexiest Living Tape yet! LIMITED TO 100

Only unique souls with a deep knowledge of strange music, film, and prog mastery would have the desire and ability to intently appreciate or create the psychedelic minimalism that VUM is currently crafting for our cranial delight.
The most delicious psychedelic album I’ve heard from a contemporary band. Vum – ‘Strange Attractor’. ~Dirty Jeff

The intelligent and enigmatic two-piece, VUM (womb), specializes in a paradoxical type of music. It is clearly minimalist by nature; yet, like the stamp of only so many adept masters, i.e., Neu!, their music spews forth an impressive wave of sound. Drum and percussion beats drone monotonously throughout and beneath most of VUM’s tracks, providing a stability that sustains the security of the back of your mind, while two necromancers cast layers of spells over the top of the intense progressions. Christopher Badger weaves sticky webs of keys, using organ, piano, synthesizer, and even a Fender Rhodes, while Jennifer Pearl injects piercing, shattering, splattered guitar and slide riffs. In fact, like an orc that is hardly recognizable as a tortured elf, much of Jennifer’s electric guitar work is just barely perceptible for what it truly is: a seriously manipulated form of psychedelic surf guitar. The magic is fertilized by the lady’s deep shamanistic vocals, both eerie and beautiful in nature – chanting poetic lyrics of foretelling and portending evocations, laced with the severe solemnity and mystery of truly submerged artists.

VUM’s debut, ‘Strange Attractor‘, irresistibly recalls to my mind some of the essence of Pink Floyd’s ‘More’ album, which goes perfectly in hand with the fact that I also see VUM providing the soundtrack to some bizarre and brilliant foreign or indie film. Badger and Pearl possess a fluid chemistry that coalesces like the wind blowing dandelion seeds up a barren mountainside. I truly cannot wait for a second album to take root, and have meanwhile been grateful for Albino Crow Records’ beautifully packaged re-release of ’Strange Attractor’.

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