Shinyribs (featuring Kevin Russell of The Gourds)

Shinyribs (featuring Kevin Russell of The Gourds)

Bless my soul, what’s wrong with me? I should have explained this to you already. Shinyribs is the musical wanderings of Kevin Russell from The Gourds. Russell has always been a prolific songwriter and performer. Shinyribs is the necessary out growth of this. Russell did the math over the last 18 years and figured out pretty dang quick that he would never be able to include all of his songs or even most of his songs in the shows and recordings of The Gourds. Plus he is seeking to stretch out as a performer and band leader. A noticeable progression in quality has been evident in his recordings and shows with this group since he began it back in 2008. He began performing once a month at a venue called, Under The Volcano. And within two years he had formed the group of people and songs that would stay in place thru this very day. Shinyribs first recording, Well After Awhile, was released to much critical acclaim in 2010 on Nine Mile Records. His newest recording, Gulf Coast Museum, was just released this year. 2013 promises to be another great year for Shinyribs.

"There are two kinds of people in Texas - those that got West Texas Dust, and those that got East Texas Rust. You got both of 'em!" - Doug Sahm to Kevin Russell

Hey, we all know Kevin "Shinyribs" Russell is a loose cannon. How else to explain covers of R. Kelly's "Feelin' on Yo Booty," and Elvis Costello's Indoor Fireworks" in the same night. Most folks who follow such things consider his outfit, The Gourds, one of the best live bands in the land, in large part because of Russell's brazen eccentricities and creative syntax.

However, the most overlooked thing about Russell is that when he plays it straight - as he does for most of his latest Shinyribs record Well After Awhile - the man can produce some of the funkiest and most beautiful roots music on the planet. It's not to say the "psycholiteranaut w/8 AA batteries-tweed facade-equal parts Waylon Jennings,Robert Rauschenberg and Harvey Korman" (to quote his Twitter feed) doesn't dig into his bag of twistedness here (witness "Poor People's Store"). But a listen to the straight-up duet "Shores Of Galilee" (with Sally Allen), the sweet quasi-fable "Who Built The Moon," or the intimate cover of Sam Cooke's "Change Gonna Come" that closes the record, shows that even when Russell puts aside some of the tricks, he delivers grade-A Country Soul.

The Mostest

A musical path was laid in front of me before I was born. My dad was a musician who had a ukulele in my hands before I could strum. My brothers played, my uncles played, and my cousins played. Its what we did when we came together.

The more we live the more our path becomes our history, which starts to look more like a story written with intent, than simply results of choices made along the way. I’m grateful for my musical journey and history, and for where it leads me.

Most of all, I am grateful for the people I encounter, and for my amazing musician-friends who have helped me grow The Mostest. At the core of The Mostest is my partnership with Patrick Pearsall, a supernatural bassist, singer, songwriter, teacher and friend.

Pat is an essential part of our performing arts community here in Bend, Oregon. He is consistently recording and performing with many of the Northwest’s top acts. Patrick is active as music instructor at four schools in Bend, and is a regular contributor to The Americana Project, the Americana Song Academy and the Sisters Folk Festival.

In 2006 Patrick helped me start the Bend Roots Revival—an annual, family-friendly, free celebration of performing arts, which has grown to include nearly 100 acts and educational workshops. This event has become popular beyond our wildest expectations, and last year more that 4000 people came out to the show.

At its roots, our group The Mostest is a power-duo: just Patrick and me. Together now through the release of three CDs, we’ve toured extensively through the Rocky Mountains and the Northwest. While our act is most efficient as a folk-duo, our love for extemporaneous jamming and guitar-driven rock brings us to the company many different musicians.

At home in Oregon, the Mostest is anchored by Julianne Southwell (violin), singer-songwriter Shireen Amini (percussion/vocals/guitar), and drummer Lindsey Elias. These three amazing women are masters of their crafts, entrenched in our musical community, and working with many of the Northwest’s heaviest hitters.

On our latest CD, Zara Dreams, this quintet is augmented by Dale Largent (percussion), Gabe Johnson (electric guitar), Joe Schulte (mandolin), and Marcello Bernardes (flute, clarinet and saxophone). Live and in the studio, it is a part of The Mostest’s mission to invite other players to join-in.

In support of our new release this year, we did a summer tour of Colorado with Lindsey on the drums. What a blast touring with Lindsey as a power trio! We revisited many of the places we love, shared the bill with new friends from Alaska (The Supersaturated Sugar Strings) and Washington (The Acorn Project), and collaborated with three Denver-based musicians: Afro-Cuban percussionist Ido Ziv, drummer Cary Hayes and country-soul troubadour Eddie Stern. Glad to be back home now, Patrick and I are playing in the Northwest with The Mostest and in a few side projects…

In addition to his work with the Shireen Amini Band, Patrick and The Mostest’s newest recruit, drummer Kaleb Kelleher in Hobbs’ Texas Blues Trio; and with Tim Schroeder and Brad Jones in the eclectic new alternative rock band, Your Birthday.

These days, when I’m not playing with The Mostest, I’m still doing a good amount of solo shows, playing guitar with the JZ Band (based out of Sisters, Oregon), and working a bit with Georges Bouhey (drums) and Warren Zaiger (fretless electric bass) on a new project we call The MR3.

Please feel free to contact us (via the email link on this website) about booking the bands and for info about getting involved with The Bend Roots Revival.

Thanks much for your interest in our music.

All the best!

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