Laura Veirs

Laura Veirs

From one of the country’s most inimitable songwriters – Portland, Oregon’s Laura Veirs
– comes her ninth full-length album. Beautiful, lush and at times deeply dark, "Warp and
Weft" captures the intensity of motherhood, love and violence. Primarily electric-guitar
driven, it is a fever dream of an album and could well be Veirs’ best work to date. It
builds on the uniform praise and commercial success of 2010's "July Flame," which Utne
Reader dubbed “idiosyncratic and captivating” and received glowing reviews from The
New York Times, Pitchfork, NPR and others.
The recording of "Warp and Weft" (a weaving term) was a community effort. Produced in
Portland in March 2013 by Veirs’ longtime collaborator Tucker Martine, the album
features Jim James, kd lang, Neko Case, Brian Blade and members of The
Decemberists and many more.
Veirs sings not only of mid-winter suns, white blossoming cherry trees and melting ice,
but also suicide, gun violence and war. She weaves threads of old folk songs including
“Motherless Children” as well as stories of folk-art hero Howard Finster and jazz harpist
Alice Coltrane. “I think of this record as a tapestry where disparate elements come
together and are stronger and more lovely as a result,” says Veirs.
Veirs was eight months pregnant with her second child during the recording; she says
her experience as a mother brought about some of the more beautiful and painful songs.
“I’m haunted by the idea that something terrible could happen to my kids but that fear
pushes me to embrace the moment. This record is an exploration of extremes – deep,
dark suffering and intense, compassionate love.”
"Laura makes such complicated melodies sound easy,” says Neko Case. “The first
listen is so comforting and warm, then after two or three listens, the time when you
wanna start singing along, you are struck by the thoughtful work that went into making
the sounds; the twists and turns she makes like a light gazelle. It's masterful; as a
listener, it makes me feel loved. As a musician it makes me feel challenged and
engaged. It's a complete protein!"
“Warp and Weft” will be released on Veirs’ own Raven Marching Band Records (North
America) and Bella Union (rest of the world) on August 20, 2013. Veirs will tour with a
full band in the fall in the US and Europe.

Karl Blau

Born and raised in the sheltered Skagit Valley of the NW, touring the world singing and playing music for people seemed like such a dr-dr-dream for a such a sh-shy b-b-b-boy. As of this past year 2011, Blau has played his 1000th show out in the world, recorded 100's of hours of music, and toured his nearly 40 solo albums all over the world.

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