Stereophonics release their eagerly awaited new album 'Graffiti On A Train' on March 4th on their own Stylus Records label.

Kelly Jones has been in this London pub before. But that's probably not surprising seeing that Jones, and his band Stereophonics, have been nearly everywhere before.

In the past 15 years they've toured virtually all over the world, chalking up five UK Number One albums along the way. They've headlined Cardiff's Millennium Stadium and hung out with rock's glitterati from London to LA. But it was the decision to stop touring for a year that propelled them into their new album and an unforeseen change in the group's direction.

Following their Best Of compilation 'A Decade In the Sun' which sold over a million copies in 2008 and their last LP 'Keep Calm And Carry On', released in 2009, the group quit Universal Records, acquired a new rehearsal "den" in west London and breathed a sigh of relief.

"It was the first time we hadn't been on tour for 15 years," says Jones,
"and it was one of the best things we ever did. When you stop and let your mind open a bit, stuff just comes into it. I've been quite impatient in the past, but that's something I've discovered in the past two years: patience."

The Wind + The Wave

The Wind and The Wave consists of Dwight Baker (The Wind) and Patricia Lynn, (The Wave); best friends who employ the mantra “if it feels forced, fuck it.”

After having retired as a touring musician in 2003, Baker came to find Lynn through the production of her previous project in Austin, Texas. After working together on several musical efforts, the two now describe themselves as being “cut from the same thread,” and “rarely on different pages.” This made it easy and essential for Baker and Lynn to begin writing and producing their own music, with a sound that satisfied their own ever-evolving creative spirits.

“All of our songs truly come from the heart,” Lynn says. Baker and Lynn can dive head-first into serious conversation topics and quickly burst into laughter. “We try not to take anything too seriously,” says Baker. “It’s definitely work, but it’s the best kind of work. There’s no sense in doing it unless you’re having fun.”

Last year, The Wind + The Wave released their debut album From The Wreckage with RCA Records. The album glows with a rootsy golden tone that encompasses everything from indie- folk, to alt-country, to blues-rock to Southern psychedelia. Baker and Lynn have just released their second single, "It's a Longer Road To California Than I Thought”.



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