Hit The Ground Running

Hit The Ground Running

Upcoming metalcore band from southwest Denver, CO. Formed in August of 2011

The Dawn Chose Orion

We are a progressive melodic trance metal band from Denver, Colorado USA. The name and the idea of The Dawn Chose Orion was originally formed by Seth Early (Vox) and Brett Erfman (Synth) in the late 2000's as an ideological tribute to Homer's 'The Odyssey.' As time went on the rest of the band fell right into place: Patrick Hall (Lead Guitarist), Rob Penna (Lead Guitarist), TJ Pendell (Bass), and Daniel Cintron (Drums) to form the full progressive metal sound of The Dawn Chose Orion.

The History of Hope

The history of Hope hails from the origins of Wyoming, a state that is not well renowned for its music scene. Despite their rural roots the boys behind the History of Hope have managed to create a sound that blends elements of traditional hardcore with a more eclectic melodic, and heavy approach. The result is a sound that will shake your foundation to the core, and leave re-evaluating your stereotypes of this Wyomingite group of guys.
Coming from a mostly rural state, based out the Casper, WY there is not much opportunity for the guys of THOH to form real-world connections and make them known. To counter this, they spend a lot of their time on the road touring, playing shows in most of the continental Midwest and west. With fierce loyalty towards one another and their band, you can feel their intensity and passion resonate in their music, and see their love and seriousness in their behaviors. The History of Hope, an exemplar of a Wyoming stereo-type shattering tour de force.

The Fulfillment

The Fulfillment is a band centered around the ideas of spreading positivity and love as well as bringing something new, exciting, and refreshing to the table. Only having been a band for less than a year, they have already started to carve a place for themselves in the scene.

After the quick formation of the band in the late summer of 2012, the group holed up in a basement for months, playing shows here and there. After six months of writing and playing shows the band went up to record their debut EP "Origin" with Jesse Walrath of Six Reasons To Run. Since then they have continued writing and playing shows and are set to record their second release at 37 Studios with Matt Dalton.

Watch out for these dudes.

$6.00 - $8.00


Upcoming Events
Moe's Original BBQ - Englewood