!mindparade began as a recording/songwriting project in a humble bedroom studio within a small country home outside of Bloomington, Indiana. Originating a solo endeavor, !mindparade has grown to an orchestrated 8 piece electro-acoustic outfit to execute it's alchemic amalgamation of indie art pop, experimental rock and electro-pop. They released their debut LP "Everything is Happening" in September 2012, and are based in Bloomington, Indiana.

Divino Niño

Divino Niño is an American rock band formed in Chicago, Illinois in 2012. The band consists of Camilo Medina (vox/guitar), Javier Forero (vox/bass), Guillermo Rodriguez(vox/guitars), and Pierce Codina(cosmic vibes & interstellar drums). They are known for their psychedelic sound, drum loops, harmonies, world percussion, and Latin American roots. Javier and Camilo met in Bogota, Colombia when they were very young, reunited in Miami, Florida in 2003, and have been playing music ever since. In 2010, Camilo moved to Chicago and met Guillermo Rodriguez in college. Both gentlemen shared views in life and music; thus, they began a project called Continental Breakfast. A year later, after Continental Breakfast broke up, Javier joined Camilo and Guillermo in Chicago and began making music right away. Pierce came like an angel from venus after his locally known project Tin Tin Can came to a halt. The group is bonded together by their naiveté, lust for romanticism, and their unshakeable belief that a song should move your soul or your hips. Their debut album, Pool Jealousy, was released in may 2013. You can download it/stream it here. Peace:



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