Major Major Major

Major Major Major

MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR is a two piece garage pop band from Austin influenced by the energy and rawness of garage punk bands like Ty Segall and WAVVES with the poppy hooks of power pop bands such as Big Star.

Frontman Adrian Sebastian and drummer Andrew Torrey have been playing music together for the past 2 years in Austin, TX. Although originally a 4 piece, Adrian and Andrew decided to take a new direction by arranging their previous sound to adapt to a raw in your face two piece set up. MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR frequents Austin venues such as The Parish, Mohawk and 29th Street Ballroom and are also going on tour in December 2012.

We have shared stages with Japanther, WAVVES, Octopus Project, Peelander-Z, Baths, Starfucker, Holy Fuck, Octopus Project, and Fastball.

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Dolls On Fire

Dear listeners,

Welcome to our humble musical abode. No need to check your mind or manners at the door; we’re here to have a good time and we promise to be rocking out with you the whole way. Sure, we're spinning feisty metaphoric odes on life, love, friends, enemies, even mythical beasts, but that's just the icing on this brand of high-energy, vocally-driven synth pop we call our own. The hooks and harmonies are free of charge; please join us in belting them out, and invite your friends along for the ride. You may find yourself drumming too hard on the steering wheel, or pulling some air guitar riffs when no one is looking; that's ok, we do it too (when no one is looking!) We don't have a list of side effects, but if you find yourself a little sassier, a little spunkier, perhaps humming incessantly later...well...then your DoF prescription has finally kicked in. Take as many as you want, enjoy the mint on your pillow, and we promise to call you the next day.

UNDIVER is a Kansas City based rock band. The inception of the group came from song writing/singing duo John Agee (guitar) and Bobby Bayer (bass) with the motivation to create celestial soundscapes, science fiction story telling and hard driving guitar riffs. The group was quickly filled out by Nick Organ (Drums) and Joseph Wells (guitar/synthesizer.) SUNDIVER released it's first recording in the spring of 2012 titled "Vicious EP" recorded/engineered/mastered by Jeff Pickman at The Noise Arcade studios in Kansas City, MO.



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