DODO Orchestra (world-retro-jazz)

DODO Orchestra

DODO Orchestra is a unique retro-world-jazz ensemble that has enchanted audiences with their vivacious energy and a refined repertoire. This NYC-based miniature orchestra is composed of young and talented musicians of the new generation who are everything that is New York -- sophistication, cosmopolitanism and the never-ending party. Inspired by beats and sounds from all over the world and moved by the timeless appeal of the bygone era, DODO embarks upon crossing times and places, performing with effortless originality gems of the French, German, Italian and Russian retro. With bold flair they fuse tango and samba, swing and chanson, balkanica and reggae, creating a delicious urban cocktail.

“Serious musicians playing seriously fun music. Infectious grooves, sultry vocals, lush accordion: Do-Do orchestra does it all. They are Musician’s musicians, and at the same time the most engaging entertainers..!”

- Peter Karl, Recording Engineer/Producer

“Dodo Orchestra transport listeners to another time and place. Old world sensibilities, with a sincere and heartfelt nod to cabaret, combined with expert musicianship, will transform any environment for the better.”

- Jim Thomson, Electric Cowbell Records

“Sultry, worldly, sensual, undulating, rhythmically enticing––the DODO Orchestra captures your mind and heart and draws you into a world apart––a world you’re longing for––and in their company you attain it. With their Russian, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, globally transporting sound, you’ll want to forever remain lost in their embrace.”

- Ellen Kaye, Moscow57 Entertainment

$15 adv/ $20 day of show


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