Ladies of Bass ft. ill-esha, Lynx, Jillian Ann and Lotus Drops

Hailing from Vancouver, BC, ill-esha burst onto the North American electronic scene as a soul vocalist featured on various releases for the likes of Breakbeat Science, Fokuz, and BluSaphir, gradually becoming known for the seamless incorporation of original vocals and MCing into DJ sets expressing her unique take on bass music. Her multi-dimensional approach spans glitch hop, dubstep and downtempo, creating a dynamic live show which has set ill-esha apart amidst some of electronic music's most groundbreaking acts.

With releases on trendsetting labels such as Muti Music, Daly City, Street Ritual, Subway, Haunted Audio, Dub Police and Simplify, ill-esha has ranked #1 on Junodownload, #2 on Addictech, and #3 on the Beatport Electronic charts as well as held the #1 spot on Soundcloud for 2 weeks in early 2011. ill-esha's most recent album, Circadian Rhythms, released on San Francisco's Daly City, went public to critical acclaim in the electronic world catapulting her trademark blend of feminine energy and ruthless bass to further worldwide recognition.

"This release (Circadian Rhythms) is just another moment for people to acknowledge a leading star in the (Electronic)community.", 2011

Since the release of her first 12" single in her teens, ill-esha has been honing her skills as vocalist, MC, DJ and Producer who delivers studio efforts and live shows setting the stage for the future of electronic music.

Lynx, is an innovative singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, beat-boxer and producer from the Bay Area by way of Colorado. She has been breaking new ground in both the live and electronic music scenes playing events all over the world including the US, Asia, Europe and Canada. Performance highlights include appearances at Coachella, Austin City Limits festival, BOOM festival, and improv collaborations with Matisyahu, Beats Antique, John Popper, Bassnectar and more.  Lynx's music combines elements from multiple genres including electronica, folk, and indie pop. Her new album On the Horizon intertwines powerful vocals, lyrics that are universal and intimate, timely and timeless, and a sound that switches from folky to cutting edge with bumping beats that melts to raw, melancholy melodies and resolve with infectious pop hooks. On the Horizon is now available on Cartesian Binary Recordings.

Jillian Ann

Jillian Ann is a multi-media artist who is equally comfortable behind a piano or in front of a camera, singing on festival stages or producing tracks for a DJ set in a nightclub.

This classically trained pianist and industry groomed songwriter crosses the musical genres of electronica to goth industrial rock, all the while experimenting and collaborating with cutting edge dj's and producers in dubstep, drum & bass, bass, IDM, glitch and even house and trance and sounds so new there is no name for them yet. Her musical obsession developed during her early years in rural georgia where due to religion her parents decided keeping her out of school was the best choice. Leaving her alone with a piano the library and the woods as her only friends. Who became her passion and outlet.

Since running away from home at 17 She has written top ten hits with Love & Light , MSD, Pegboard Nerds, NitGrit, David Starfire, Sugarpill, Knight Riderz, An-Ten-Nae , Kraddy, John B, collaborated with Bruce Somers of Kidneythieves, Rabbit in the Moon written an album with Heavyweight Dub Champion and Auditory Canvas as well as released several albums of Neo Classical, Ambient and Experimental musical creations. She is presently working with a number of new up and coming producers for her unique DJ/Live set which has her singing and playing piano live over exclusive tracks. As well as finishing a solo Record containing collaborations from other top artist in the bass and underground electronica community such as Phuturprimitive, Blunt Instrumental, Knight Riderz, MSD, Tina Guo and others. As well as creating a line of Jewelry and Fashion with Cassidy Haley co founder of the cult Fashion Line SkinGraft which she will be launching along with new music. She has lived all over the world working as a Professional muse and musician from Paris to Milan Costa Rica to New York City. Everything she has released in the last year has hit and hung out in the charts making her one of the most sought after vocalist in the bass/dubstep and dance community.

The Heart:
Jillian is an ardent environmentalist and is committed to human and animal rights and her lyrics often cut to the core of her beliefs. Her song "confess" speaks to her experimental lifestyle and the video to it was banned from traditional television stations barring a re-edit which she refused to do. The song "Know us" speaks to the prejudice that affects all those who look or act differently than the norm. Quiet Riot was Written while at a protest about not giving up your rights or dreams, Beauty and the Bass Encourages freedom and sexual expression Love Again Speaks about love through multiple lives. When not making music and art you can usually find her studying various forms of healing, magic, gardening, saving black cats and studying ancient spirituality and rituals.
The track record and the gear:
Jillian Ann is not a newcomer to performing, she's performed worldwide and fronted for Heavyweight Dub Champion and Auditory canvas as well as for her solo performance shows. This year she added Dj'ing with live vocals and is producing and remixing tracks for herself and others. (A complete list of festivals, dates and venues is available upon request) Jillian's shows can range from self contained to full band. She played a festival every weekend over the summer and fall and her solo set was featured at such premiere stages such as Electric Daisy Carnival, Envision Festival, Enchanted Forrest, The Vanguard in Los Angeles as well as at coveted stages at burningman such as Bass Camp, Nexus, The Hookadom, Nexus, Fractal Nation, Alongside with world known DJ's.

Lotus Drops

Lotus Drops has been bringing it for the last 4 1/2 years and is blasting through the roof. She delivers it full on and is constantly finding ways to get your booty shaking and your soul elevated in these drastic times. Its time for the next round of sounds of what she describes as Psychedelic Dubstep Goddess Womp. Be prepared to get the real rinse out....because Lotus is locked and loaded and ready to Drop it like its hot.

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